FIFA 20 Patch: Title Update #11 OUT NOW all platforms – MLS update, 24 new Star Heads & more

We cover every update in yet another EA patch, which includes new game faces for 24 players.

Title Update #10 was out just a few weeks ago, but Title Update #11 has already arrived!

The latest FIFA 20 patch was detailed on FIFA Forums, in a post from EA community manager, EA GZaro.

Title Update #10 was an extensive update, so Title Update #11 only has a few changes.

The update is now available to download on all platforms.

Keep reading to find out what this new update means for FIFA 20.

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Ultimate Team

There has been one change and two issues addressed in FUT.

Made the following FUT change

  • Player Bios now display Weak Foot and Skill Move stars in the same order as the Player Item itself

Addressed the following FUT issues

  • Dynamic Images were not aligned correctly on the Player Item during a pack opening
  • Sometimes, interface elements got stuck on the screen after using the Compare Prices function

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Career Mode

No changes for Career Mode this time, but three issues have been resolved.

Addressed the following Career Mode issues

  • Clean Sheets were not counted if the opposing team scored an own goal
  • Central forwards were sometimes complaining about being played out of position when placed in the CF/ST/LS/RS slot
  • Addressed rare instances of the Title unexpectedly closing when attempting to enter Career Mode or Tournaments
STRIKE FORCE: CFs won’t complain about being out of position when played in a forward role on Career Mode


There’s one change and some issues addressed for VOLTA in the new update.

Made the following VOTLA change

  • Added ability to skip Player of the Match cutscenes by holding the Skip button

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Addressed the following VOLTA issues

  • The player Avatar was not wearing the correct clothes in the New York and Buenos Aires story events
  • Some story events were not displaying the completion checkmark despite being finished
  • Accessibility narration was incorrect for VOLTA TOUR and RESET VOLTA STORY
  • Current location defaulted to Warehouse when re-entering VOLTA FOOTBALL following story completion
BACK TO THE ACTION: You can now skip Player of the Match cutscenes


There are two new visual additions and a visual issue resolved.

Made the following visual changes

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Addressed the following visual issue

  • Timed shots would display a “Too Late” message when performed with specific late timing, regardless of Trainer settings

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