FIFA 21: When is the Beta live?

With news coming thick and fast on FIFA 21, we can’t wait to play the new game!

The Beta is the earliest most fans get to play, but when will we get to play it?

Release Date

FIFPlay has said that the Beta will be live on Saturday, 15 August.

This means it should not be long until we get to play!

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YOU BETA CHECK YOURSELF: Or your emails if you're looking for a Closed Beta code

Keep a sharp eye for your Closed Beta code in your emails, they should be being sent out this week.

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Make sure you have opted in to receive their emails too. To check, log in to your EA account and check your email preferences.

How do I get invited?

Fans who rack up plenty of hours on the previous game are usually the lucky ones who are selected for the Beta.

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The Beta codes can be narrowed down into specific game modes.

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WORLD BETA: FIFA 21 promises to push on in every aspect

So, if you have played a lot of Career Mode this year, you are in with a great chance trialling the Career Mode Beta!

You will also have the opportunity to test out Kick-Off mode, and last year we even got to play Volta too.

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