FIFA 21: Gameplay – Closed Beta, Dribbling, Shooting & more

With the FIFA 21 Closed Beta currently live, one FIFA fan has shared his views on the new gameplay.

Check out below the analysis MolyneuxLuke shared on Twitter.


With no new features to get stuck into, EA look to have made shooting much more balanced on FIFA 21.

MolyneuxLuke says that selecting the right type of shot is important to converting your chances on the new game.

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GOALS GOALS GOALS! We can't wait to try out the new shooting on FIFA 21

Chipped shots are slightly harder than before, and you will now need to “get the power almost perfect”.

Manual Heading is a new feature on FIFA 21 in an attempt to “improve the viability of scoring with headers” according to EA. MolyneuxLuke does not comment on this.


EA has already stated the goal this year “is to create a more intelligent passing game”.

It looks like they have succeeded, with MolyneuxLuke claiming the “new animations on passing make it look and feel so much better”.

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It also appears the blind first-time passes are less successful than on FIFA 20, a much-needed fix.

Driven passes and crossing appear to have been altered too, with the power you put on them having much more of an effect.


Drag backs look to be a thing of the past!

fifa 21 agile dribbling
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BEAT YOUR MAN! There are new ways to outwit your opponent with Agile Dribbling

With the new dribbling controls, we are likely to see them a lot less, according to MolyneuxLuke.

EA’s new Agile Dribbling looks to be a hit and we can’t wait to use it.


As expected, this new feature will take some getting used to.

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However, it can certainly make a big difference once you have mastered it.


It looks like you will have to be careful diving into tackles on FIFA 21!

Although, it looks like if you time the tackle well you will come away with the ball cleanly.


Apparently, the Strength attribute has been improved.

MolyneuxLuke has said that your powerful players being bullied off the ball happens much less, a great fix for FIFA 21.

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