FIFA 21 Beta: FUT Stadiums – New Features, Customisation, Crowd Chants & more

The official Ultimate Team trailer showed off some brand-new additions to the game, including the FUT 100!

FUT Stadiums is another feature that will debut on FIFA 21, and the Beta has given us some more details.

FUT Stadium

An all-new feature coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

FUT Stadium gives players the chance to create their own stadium in new levels of customisation.

FUT Stadiums Home
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FORTRESS! Make your home ground as intimidating as possible

We are yet to really see FUT Stadiums in action, but the Beta has given us some more detail on what we can expect.

Check out more from FUT Stadiums here.

Custom Made

We knew we would be able to create our own stadiums, but there are a lot of cool features you can customise!

From seat colour and pitch paint to confetti and pyrotechnics, it seems like you can create some incredible atmospheres.

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The feature we are most excited about is the crowd chants. Being able to set your own crowd chants and club anthem will really make your FUT Stadium fell like home.

Twitter user FIFA21BETA has shown off all the different options available for you to customise in your FUT Stadium.

All Stadium Custom Items

Match Day


Club Nickname

Goal Sounds

Player Celebration




Stadium Base Paint

Pitch Line Paint

Goal Net Colours


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Confetti Cannons

Flame Cannons

Stadium Seat Paint


Stadium Theme


Crowd Chant

Club Anthem

Background Tifo

Stadium Theme

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