Steam Winter Sale: Best Strategy Games To Pick Up!

The annual Steam Winter Sale kicked off last weekend and there are some killer deals that gamers all over the world have already taken advantage of.

With such an extensive library of titles on Steam, one can find it troubling to purchase just the right title.

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Deciding on a game is not even the hardest part, choosing what type of game we want to play over the holidays can also be troubling.

Do we want to dive hundreds of hours of our lives into a new RPG, or do we want to kick back and build an empire?

The latter genre is what we are going to explore today, here are the best strategy games to purchase during the Steam Winter Sale!

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

Die-hard strategy games fan will for sure already have this title in their Steam library.

But, for those who are new to these titles, this is an excellent place to start; one of the longest standing strategy games of all time. Sid Meier's series has a very easy learning curve and is one of the most rewarding games out there.

Right now, the game can be picked up for $15.19 USD which is 75% off! An insane deal for this title!

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Total War Three Kingdoms

Aside from the combat system Total War games are known for, one of the shining aspects of this title is the improved diplomatic system.

Interacting with other leaders has become a lot easier than in past Total War games along with the improved upgrade system for your own villages.

If you are looking for a time-consuming RTS game, look no further than Three Kingdoms. It is currently on sale for around $44 USD so around 20% off!

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Cities: Skylines

If you are into just simple City building games than Cities: Skylines is the without a doubt the best option out there right now.

With the countless amount of options that Cities: Skylines has to offer you can build whatever your heart desires.

During the Steam Winter Sale, it is on sale for around $6 USD so 75% off, an incredible deal right now and a must-have game!

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Hearts of Iron IV

Next on our list is a strategy game for those WW2 fans, Hearts of Iron IV is an immersive war strategy game that puts you in the shoes of a general of the army during WW2.

From managing your resources to upscaling your army for a future fight, this game is well worth your money especially if you are into WW2 themed titles.

Right now it is priced at $15 USD and 60% off!

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Rounding off our list is one of the best strategy games in recent years, based on a post-tragedy world.

You are tasked with keeping your city alive and well as they face the harsh weather conditions coming into the city.

One of the Game of The Year nominations from a while ago, it is priced at $11 USD and 60% off!

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