FC 24: New retro kits available now in Ultimate Team

FC 24 Retro Kits

FC 24 Retro Kits

Whether it's through Title Updates or new additions to Ultimate Team such as promos, SBCs, Evolutions, or Objectives, there continues to be plenty of FC 24 content to dive into after passing the halfway mark since the game's launch.

Another location where you'll always be able to find new content in FC 24 is the Ultimate Team store, and those who enjoy some football nostalgia will be pleased with the latest drop!

Retro Kits added to Ultimate Team

In addition to player packs, the Ultimate Team store holds many other valuable items that can give your club a unique look and feel, such as kits, stadiums, stadium items, and balls.

Following EA's latest store release, however, your Ultimate Team can possess a unique look whilst also taking a trip down memory lane thanks to Throwback Threads, which is available now.

Ultimate Team Retro Kits
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FC 24 Retro Kits

Featuring 17 retro kits from the 1900s to the modern day, Throwback Threads includes some of the most legendary and iconic kits seen in football over the years.

The kits included are:

  • Borussia Dortmund - 1975/76
  • Atletico Madrid - 1974/75
  • Club Nacional de Football - 1981
  • Chelsea - 1986
  • Liverpool FC - 1995/96
  • Juventus - 1983/84
  • PSG - 1998/99
  • New York City - 2015
  • Sporting Lisbon - 1924
  • RB Leipzig - 2022/23
  • AS Monaco - 1999/2000
  • Benfica - 1904
  • Fiorentina - 1996/97
  • FC Porto - 2004
  • Tottenham - 1995/97
  • Real Madrid - 2013/14
  • Manchester City - 1999

Rather than all of the kits being available as part of a pack, they can only be purchased separately, with each one costing 40,000 coins. The Real Madrid and Manchester City kits can also be purchased using 400 FC points.

Throwback Threads will expire from the Ultimate Team store in 17 days, so if you want to add one of these classic kits to your collection, the clock is now ticking.

Will you be purchasing one of the retro kits in FC 24? Let us know in the comments below!

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