FC 24: Major Spring Title Update Out Now

FC 24 Spring Update

FC 24 Spring Update

EA has faced some enormous challenges since FC 24 launched in September last year, with several gameplay issues leaving a passionate gaming community extremely unhappy.

There is, however, no denying that EA has slowly put things right by releasing Title Updates as they look to get the very best out of the game, and they aren't slowing down.

Title Update 11, also known as the Spring Update, is available now in FC 24, and it represents the biggest in-game revamp since the Holiday Update back in December.

FC 24 Spring Update out now

EA has announced that a major Spring Title Update is available now across all versions of FC 24.

Addressing issues in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and other key areas of the game, EA has released a number of fixes so far in an effort to make it more enjoyable for all.

FC 24 Title Update 11
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Title Update 11

Changes have also been made to certain gameplay aspects to give it a more balanced feel, but the work hasn't stopped there as more flaws are identified every day, and the Spring Update will be addressing a lot of the issues that have continued to hold FC 24 back.

Spring Update patch notes

Alongside the update, EA has released the official Patch Notes that have seen a whole host of important enhancements make their way into FC 24.

Title Update 11 will add 86 new star heads, in addition to refreshing the gameplay experience through PlayStyle tuning and CPU AI difficulty adjustments. There will also be some new animations based on volumetric data captured from the UEFA Champions League Group Stage.

The Spring Update addresses several other issues, and we are going to take a look at the entire list of Patch Notes below, so let's dive in!

Addressed the following issues:

  • Stadium lights could have darkened during matches in some situations.
  • When viewing a Squad in Squad Battles, the Player Items did not always display correctly.
  • Evolving an Icon Player Item unintentionally removed the Icon Profile tab from the Player Bio screen.
  • Some Objectives displayed placeholder images.
  • In some cases, the Player Injury Pause Menu did not function as intended.
  • Some PlayStyles UI indicators did not always display in their intended locations.
  • When viewing a Squad in Squad Battles, the Player Items did not always display correctly.
  • Evolving an Icon Player Item removed the Icon Profile tab from their Player Bio screen.
  • A stability issue could have occurred when viewing the Player Bio on Loan Items.
  • Level 12 Seasonal rewards did not display correctly.
  • A stability issue could have sometimes occurred at the end of the match Pause Menu.

Slightly adjusted PlayStyles

  • Tiki Taka | Lowered accuracy and pass quality of first-time passes.
  • Pinged Pass | Decreased accuracy of Driven Passes.
  • Pinged Pass+ | Increased accuracy of Driven Passes.
  • Jockey | Reduced maximum possible Sprint Jockey speed.
  • Press Proven | Reduced shield effectiveness with the ball.
  • Press Proven+ | Increased shield effectiveness, and increased Strength Attribute effectiveness while shielding.
  • Long Ball Pass and Long Ball Pass+ | Decreased accuracy of crosses.
  • Power Header | Increased ball speed from lower powered headers.
  • Dead Ball | Reduced set piece preview line length.
EA FC 24
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FC 24

Significantly adjusted PlayStyles

  • Power Header+ | Reduced ball speed for medium to high powered headers.
  • Relentless and Relentless+ | Reduced amount of half time and extra time stamina recovery.
  • Aerial+ | Reduced the amount of added running jump height, this includes jogging jump height as well.
  • Power Shot and Power Shot+ | Reduced ball speed from Power Shots.

CPU AI Changes

  • Adjusted Legendary difficulty CPU AI behaviour.
  • Legendary AI teams known for tiki-taka play are less likely to focus on that style of play when near the opponent’s penalty area.
  • CPU AI players are more likely to perform shot types based on their respective PlayStyles, when applicable.
  • Players with lower Composure Attributes are more likely to make mistakes when pressed.

New Animations

The addition of several new animations based on volumetric data captured from real-life matches during the UEFA Champions League Group Stage. New animations include:

  • Shooting Animations
  • Skill Animations
  • Clearance Animation

Updated Ultimate Team difficulty

From the Spring Update onwards, Competitor Mode will no longer apply to the Legendary difficulty. This change aims to create a more balanced transition in difficulty options.

More Star Heads

Title Update 11 will add 86 new player star heads to FC 24, with the likes of Jeremy Doku, Kaoru Mitoma, Rasmus Hojlund, and Micky Van De Ven just some of the stars receiving face scans for the very first time.

These star heads will become visible following a Server Release that will come shortly after the Spring Update.

Rasmus Hojlund Face Scan
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Rasmus Hojlund

PlayStyles UI in Online matches

Last but not least, EA has also addressed an issue which caused PlayStyle indicators to not show up on the match UI as intended. This means players will now be able to see the opposition's PlayStyles near their stamina bar.

What changes are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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