FC 24: How to complete Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC - Costs & Solutions

Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC

Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC

The Showdown Series is in full swing, and EA has just released a brand-new SBC into FC 24 Ultimate Team, with Bryan Limbombe receiving a special Showdown card.

There is a Heracles Almelo vs Ajax match taking place very soon in the eDivisie esports league, and EA has decided to include Bryan Limbombe and Carlos Forbs in the Showdown Series, with both players receiving a hugely upgraded Showdown card available now as an SBC in Ultimate Team.

Below, we will give you the cheapest solutions for Heracles Almelo winger, Limbombe, so you can complete his SBC and add a new player to your Ultimate Team.

Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC Cheapest Solutions

EA has just dropped a new set of SBCs into FC 24 Ultimate Team as part of the Showdown Series, with Heracles’ Bryan Limbombe going up against Ajax’s Carlos Forbs in a battle for a +2 OVR upgrade to their brand-new Showdown cards.

This eDivisie clash is on the horizon with the winning team deciding on which of these two players will be upgraded, and if you choose to do the Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC, then this article is for you!

Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC
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Showdown Bryan Limbombe

Bryan Limbombe has been given an 87-rated Showdown item with some great stats, including 91 pace, 90 shooting, 85 passing, and 88 dribbling. The Belgian has also been given the Trivela and Power Shot PlayStyles+, alongside a Five-Star Weak Foot.

With that in mind, here are the cheapest solutions so you can complete the Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC and add him to your Ultimate Team.

Bryan Limbombe


  • Belgium Players: Min. 1 in your Starting 11
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 85


Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC
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Credit: EasySBC
Showdown Bryan Limbombe SBC


  • Showdown Bryan Limbombe

There we have it, once you have completed this SBC, you will be able to add Showdown Bryan Limbombe to your Ultimate Team for around 37K coins.

Will you be completing this SBC? Let us know down below!

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