FC 24: Golazo Team 1 is LIVE Ft. Barcelona & Man Utd Legends

FC 24 Golazo Promo

FC 24 Golazo Promo

Following two weeks of celebration, EA is calling time on the party as Ultimate Birthday comes to an end in FC 24 Ultimate Team after marking the 15th anniversary of the beloved game mode.

The good news is, however, a brand-new promo has instantly replaced it, with Golazo now live to offer players even more exciting content.

Below, we will be taking a look at everything you need to know about the Golazo promo, including duration time, featured players, and much more, so let's dive in!

Golazo Promo Out Now

Ultimate Birthday may be over, but fear not, EA has already dropped a new promo in the form of Golazo, which is out now after releasing into Ultimate Team on 29 March at 6 pm GMT and expected to run for two weeks.

With Golazo meaning 'great goal', the promo is centred around players who have scored some of the best and most iconic goals in football, whether it's a 40-yard screamer, an incredible solo effort, or a dramatic last-minute winner.

FC 24 Golazo Promo Team 1
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Golazo Team 1

Additionally, Golazo becomes the first promo of FC 24 to strictly feature Icons and Heroes, with current players not included. As a result, there are two cards available during this promo, one for Golazo Heroes, and one for Golazo Icons.

Just as we saw during the Ultimate Birthday promo, some players will also have two separate versions of their Golazo card, one with a higher rating and the other with a slightly lower rating.

Golazo Team 1 Players

Despite the exclusion of today's footballing stars, we've been blessed with some of the most talented players to ever grace the pitch over the years, which means the Golazo promo is still filled with some incredible names.

There are a total of 12 players featured in Team 1 of the Golazo promo, with six Icons and six Heroes available now in packs.

As we see with every Ultimate Team promo, more players will be released via Golazo-themed SBCs and Objectives in the coming days.

With all of that in mind, let's take a look at all of the Icons and Heroes included in Golazo Team 1, starting with the highest rated and ending with the lowest.

Golazo Icons

  • Johan Cruyff - 97 OVR
  • Bobby Charlton - 94 OVR
  • Cafu - 94 OVR
  • Birgit Prinz - 94 OVR
  • Xabi Alonso - 93 OVR
  • Ashley Cole - 92 OVR

Golazo Heroes

  • Dimitar Berbatov - 93 OVR & 89 OVR
  • Saeed Al Owairan - 93 OVR
  • Jurgen Kohler - 92 OVR & 90 OVR
  • David Ginola - 92 OVR
  • Enzo Francescoli - 91 OVR & 89 OVR
  • Clint Dempsey - 89 OVR
FC 24 Golazo Promo Team 1
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Golazo Team 1

Who are you hoping to pack during the Golazo promo? Let us know in the comments below!

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