Big Tournaments MISSING from FC 24

FC 24 AFCON & Asia Cup

2024 promises to be a fantastic year for FC 24, with developers and fans alike looking forward to the release of Team of the Year!

Amongst the world of football, this year is busier than ever with international tournaments taking place throughout 2024, two of which begin this January!

With the excitement building as we countdown to these tournaments, we feel like something is missing, and from a gaming standpoint, we think EA is missing a trick.

AFCON and Asia Cup 2024

That's right, January sees two of the best intercontinental tournaments take place, with the Africa Cup of Nations, otherwise known as AFCON, and the Asia Cup beginning on 13 January, and 12 January respectively.

These tournaments will run for a month, with countries fighting it out to be crowned the champions of their continent.

Both competitions feature some incredible players from many leagues all over the world, with some of them being the biggest names in FC 24!

Which begs the question, why aren't either of these tournaments featured in FC 24?

African & Asian teams in FC 24

We have been treated to a bunch of content over the previous FIFAs surrounding the FIFA World Cup, and UEFA European Championship, but other tournaments have never seen the light of day.

Although we look forward to the release of Euros content in the summer, we feel as if EA would benefit from updating the game with AFCON and Asia Cup content too!

Currently, there are only three international teams in FC 24 from Africa and Asia, which we think is shocking!

FC 24 AFCON & Asia Cup
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Ghana vs Morocco

The teams you can use that are competing in AFCON and the Asia Cup are:

  • Ghana (Africa)
  • Morocco (Africa)
  • Qatar (Africa)

Understandably, EA's ties with FIFA have come to an end, which could make it difficult for licensing purposes, as we have seen with the Brazilian national team, who haven't featured as part of the International teams since FIFA 18, and with AFCON and the Asia Cup part of the FIFA organisation, this could be tough to pull off.

FIFA World Cup & UEFA Euros

With that being said, EA has still managed to bring the biggest international tournaments in the world to the game before and will continue to do so in the summer, when the UEFA European Championships take place.

FC 24 AFCON & Asia Cup
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Euro 2024 FC 24

It's unknown whether we will see any other World Cup content in the future, now that EA's and FIFA's partnership has come to an end, but these tournaments have provided players with some of the best memories in FIFA.

Last year saw EA release a bunch of Ultimate Team content surrounding the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, with promos, SBCs, and objectives all being released throughout the tournament.

A FIFA World Cup game mode was also added via a title update during FIFA 23, and players were able to play out a tournament by choosing one of the 32 teams included in the competition - including the likes of Brazil and AFCON/Asia Cup teams who no longer feature in FC 24.

AFCON & Asia Cup in FC 25

Although the two tournaments won't take place until FC 28 after this year, we would still love to see them added into the game, with the licensed teams, and perhaps be made accessible in Kick-Off and Career Mode.

This not only adds to the realism of a Career Mode save but opens the door for future content when the next AFCON and Asia Cup tournaments roll around in four years.

FC 24 AFCON & Asia Cup
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Sofyan Amrabat

EA could easily benefit from these tournaments by releasing AFCON and Asia Cup-themed Ultimate Team content, with a Team of the Group Stage, and Team of the Tournament squad being released, as well as Live Ultimate Team cards that increase in OVR based on the countries progression in the competition.

The possibilities are endless with this, and we know that EA would smash the content out of the park if they were able to get the licensing for the Africa Cup of Nations, and the Asia Cup.

Perhaps in a future game, we will see these competitions, and national teams added, but for now, we think EA is missing out!

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