New MLS & NWSL Kits Released

MLS Kits FC 24

MLS Kits FC 24

FC 24 may have been out for just over five months, but EA continues to apply updates to ensure it accurately reflects the beautiful game in real life.

Whether it's to add players, remove them, or adjust ratings and appearances, several Squad Updates have already gone live in FC 24 since its launch back in September last year.

One of the latest changes, however, has been kit-focused, with MLS and the NWSL both receiving new kits for their respective clubs as the 2024 season gets underway.

New kits released in FC 24

The 2024 kits for Major League Soccer and the National Women's Soccer League are now available in FC 24 following the release of Title Update 10 across all versions of the game.

It comes after EA mistakenly leaked the majority of MLS kits via Ultimate Team in January before they were officially unveiled by the club and kit manufacturer.

2024 MLS Kits FC 24
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2024 MLS Kits

The new MLS season started in February, whilst the NWSL is set to return later this month. With MLS already underway, fans had been wondering when the 2024 kits would be added to FC 24, but after a lengthy wait, EA finally confirmed their arrival this week.

Many of the kits catch the eye with some stunning designs, but we are fans of the Minnesota United home jersey, in particular, which features blue galaxy-inspired graphics.

In addition to the new kits, EA has also re-added the official face scan of Luis Suarez, who joined Inter Miami CF in December, meaning their supporters can now enjoy great authenticity when representing the club in FC 24.

Luis Suarez FC 24
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Luis Suarez

What's your favourite kit from the 2024 MLS and NWSL selection? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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