The Warzone Outbreak Event is chaotic in the best way

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There's been a Warzone Outbreak in Verdansk! Squad up and get to work!

A Warzone Outbreak Event is coming to Call of Duty's battle royale at the start of Season Two. Here's everything we know.

The latest limited-time event for Warzone will tie-in to the launch of Outbreak on Black Ops Cold War.

Below is everything we know about the Warzone Outbreak Event so far.

LATEST - Free Event Rewards

As you might imagine, the Warzone Outbreak Event has brought a selection of free Rewards along with it.

In a similar fashion to the Haunting of Verdansk, players can get their hands on a load of Zombies-themed cosmetic items for completing in-game challenges in both Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

CharlieIntel has a helpful rundown which you can check below:

The rewards that are shown alternate between the Warzone Outbreak Event and the Black Ops Cold War Outbreak mode. We have them listed below to help you out.

For Outbreak:

  • Gas Mask – Charm: In Outbreak, successfully exfil 3 times
  • Amigos – Sticker: In Outbreak, eliminate 250 Zombies
  • Dark Aether – Accessory: In Outbreak, eliminate 10 elites
  • Grasp for Power – Sticker: In Outbreak, open 25 chests
  • Pure Anguish – Charm: In Outbreak, complete 3 World Events
  • Pure Anguish – Charm: In Outbreak, complete 3 World Events
  • On the Move – Calling Card: In Outbreak, Wrap 10 times
  • Special Eliminations – Calling Card: In Outbreak, eliminate 3 Special Zombies
  • Not the Last – Emblem: In Outbreak, use vehicles to eliminate 100 Zombies
  • Stitched Together – Charm: In Outbreak, complete 10 objectives

For Warzone:

  • Aim for the Head – Calling Card: In Warzone, kill 20 Zombies with headshots
  • Cleaning Supplies – Charm: In Warzone, eliminate 20 Zombies
  • Strange Emission – Emblem: In Warzone, use lethal equipment to kill 8 Zombies
  • Skull Survivor – Emblem: In Warzone, use vehicles to eliminate 3 Zombies
  • Heads Blazin’ – Sticker: In Warzone, eliminate 5 Zombies in a single match 3 times
  • Shotgun Eliminations – Calling Card: In Warzone, use Shotguns to eliminate 8 Zombies
  • One Punch, Two Punch – Calling Card: In Warzone, rapidly kill 2 or more Zombies 2 times\
  • Immolation – Emblem: In Warzone, use Pistols to eliminate 8 Zombies
  • Quick Elimination – Calling Card: In Warzone, eliminate 8 Zombies before the first circle closes

What To Expect

Although we haven't got anything concrete just yet, we can use previous Warzone Events to get a sense of what to expect.

The Haunting of Verdansk featured player-controlled Zombies in Warzone, however, it seems as if this event will be bringing computer-controlled undead hordes to the popular battle royale instead.

That being said, player-controlled Zombies have proven to work in Warzone to either is plausible.

The Haunting of Verdansk also saw a "night mode" brought to Verdansk with plenty of ghosts and ghouls to go along with it! Do you think this Outbreak will feature something similar? It almost has to, right?

Strange Things

Although we're currently awaiting the major intel drop regarding this mode, we do have a little bit of information regarding the strange things that have been happening in Verdansk recently...

A lost Soviet Ship, the Vodoinoy, has been spotted off the shores of Verdansk. However, there are some strange weather activities overhead...

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Each day it approaches and it is due to touch-land sooner than you think!

Warzone Outbreak Event Black Ops Cold War Season Two Soviet Ship Prison Port
expand image
ODD - A lost Soviet Ship heading straight for the Port of Verdansk? Weird

In addition to this, strange static is being intercepted by Operators in Verdansk.

A scrambled message in Russian reveals that there is something very wrong going on aboard the approaching ship. It seems like, perhaps, that they can't even control the vessel anymore.

"Only God will help us..." are the final words of the broadcast. What could it all mean?

Release Date

The Warzone Outbreak Event is due to kick off on February 25th in line with the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season Two.

Although we don't have an exact time yet, Black Ops Cold War Season Two begins at 07:00 GMT / 02:00 ET so it can be assumed that the Warzone event will begin then.

If not, our next best guess would be at 18:00 GMT / 13:00 ET when the playlist refresh occurs on Warzone.

Warzone Outbreak Event Black Ops Cold War Season Two Roadmap
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ROADMAP - From this, we get a great look at what's in store for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

From the Roadmap above, we see that the Warzone Outbreak Event is scheduled to run until March 11th. No time has been specified yet.

Challenges & Rewards

Being described as a "Challenge Event", the Warzone Zombies Outbreak Event will undoubtedly feature a series of limited-time objectives to complete.

We expect these to play out similarly to how the challenges appeared during the Rebirth Island Event in Season One. However, no official confirmation has arrived just yet.

That means we could get some exclusive Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Emblems, Stickers, and more!

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Operator skins don't usually appear in these challenges, but there's a first time for everything.

Outbreak Elsewhere

Verdansk isn't the only place facing an outbreak.

Outbreak, a brand new Zombies mode for Black Ops Cold War is due to launch February 25th alongside Season Two and the Warzone Outbreak Event.

Check out the launch trailer for the new mode below:

We're not sure exactly how the two will tie together yet, but more information is due to drop before everything releases later in the week. So, watch this space.

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The Warzone Outbreak Event will coincide with a Double XP Weekend on both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War as well as a Free Access Week for Black Ops Cold War.

Be sure to keep an eye on the official Call of Duty socials for the latest updates on this exciting new limited-time event coming to Call of Duty Warzone soon.

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