Warzone Outbreak Zombies Confirmed By Activision?

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We just got Firebase Z, but could the rumours be true? Is the Warzone Outbreak Zombies Event real?

It just might be.

LATEST - Activision Leaks

It looks like the rumours were true! For a brief moment on the Call of Duty website, Activision might have accidentally confirmed that Warzone's Outbreak mode is real.

Below, Okami managed to snag this screenshot of the site before it was changed:

Warzone Outbreak Zombies Confirmation Leak Screenshot
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LEAK - Outbreak confirmed by Activision themselves!

All the information we see above, even though it isn't too detailed, seems to align with the rumours and leaks we've been hearing over the last week or two.

Now, with this leak, we could be seeing an Outbreak trailer as soon as later today!

Original Post

Call of Duty Warzone isn't dead just yet, despite what people are saying, and it seems Treyarch and Raven Software are collaborating to prove that in the most exciting way possible.

For a little while now, after Rebirth Island, everyone's been talking about the next big in-game update for Warzone.

Now, thanks to industry insiders and leakers, we might have some idea of what's to come...

Below, you can find everything we know about the rumoured Warzone Outbreak Zombies Event.

Rebirth Island Teaser

Although this isn't strictly Zombies related, players have been noticing a strange effect randomly occurring while they've been playing Warzone's Rebirth Island map.

Below, you can check out what we're talking about:

This is almost definitely related to the Black Ops Cold War discourse, as opposed to Warzone's narrative, given what we've seen in the past.

However, could this really relate to the possible Warzone Outbreak Zombies mode we've been hearing about? Check out the other leaks below.

Map Changes

There is one major signpost that would suggest all the rumours around the Warzone Outbreak Event are true.

People have been starting to find a strange machine in Verdansk.

The machine itself can be seen below, located in the Hospital area of the map, and resembles the Trial Computer from Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode:

In the video above, we can see that there is an "Activate Zombies" button on the machine.

Although this doesn't seem to be live and does not reflect any "final products", it is interesting to note that this appears to be the first piece of solid evidence to suggest that the Warzone Outbreak Event is coming.

Event Details

Although nothing is certain, there are some interesting conversations being had about what the Warzone Outbreak Event could entail.

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Prominent leakers in the community are all discussing similar things, which includes the following from ModernWarzone:

This arguably raises more questions than it answers, but it's a good start.

Will the Zombies in the Warzone Outbreak Event be player-controlled, like during the Haunting of Verdansk, or can we expect to see an "everyone against the horde" situation more traditional to the COD Zombies gameplay?

Challenge Leaks

Similarly to the Rebirth Island event that was introduced to Warzone at the start of Season One, leakers believe that the Warzone Outbreak event that is on the way will introduce a new batch of challenges to Activision's Battle Royale.

Reportedly, there will be several event-exclusive weapon blueprints to collect.

If this is the case, then we should expect to see these alongside several other cosmetic items.

Warzone Outbreak Event Zombies Rebirth Island Plane Flying
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REBIRTH - Did you like this Warzone Event? What do you want Outbreak to do differently?

Recent Warzone events have featured Calling Cards, Emblems, Stickers, and Weapon Charms as rewards.

Below, ZestyCODLeaks has provided some leaked challenges. They're all pretty "guess-able", so take them with a pinch of salt.

Still, if they are true, they seem to confirm further that this mode will be independent of the rumoured open-world Zombies mode coming to Black Ops Cold War.

Open-World Zombies

There is still one question that remains, in spite of all this leaked information.

Is this Warzone Outbreak event the open-world Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience we've been talking about?

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Or, is this just an introduction to that... A celebratory, limited-time event that will precede the open-world mode?

There appears to be a division amongst leakers and fans which seem to sit on both sides of the fence.

On the one hand, people think that this is the open-world Zombies mode they've been talking about.

On the other, though, people are quick to make sure that everyone is aware that the two games run on different engines and the details they have found are separate from one another.

Well... At least in terms of being two different Zombies modes, not one.

What do you think? Is the Warzone Outbreak event a predecessor to a larger COD Zombies experience?

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