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22 Feb 2021

New Operators for Black Ops Season Two Confirmed

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LATEST - Rumoured Operator Bundles

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Season 2 Cinematic Trailer

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Four New Operators

It's a big year for Call of Duty and it's getting even bigger! Four new Operators are coming to Black Ops Cold War Season Two and we have everything you need to know about them.

Black Ops Cold War Season Two begins February 25th and is bringing a lot of content with it.

One of the most talked-about parts of this is the new Operators coming to Black Ops Cold War. So, we're here to give you everything you need to know about them.

LATEST - Rumoured Operator Bundles

We know that Naga is coming to Black Ops Cold War as the Battle Pass Operator in Season Two, but what about everyone else?

Rumours are suggesting that Maxis' Bundle will feature a reactive, Zombies-inspired Aether weapon blueprint and a finishing move that features a dog!

This isn't the most outrageous suggestion given dogs and animals feature in a lot of the later finishing moves released for Modern Warfare Operators.

In addition to this, fans are speculating that Rivas' Bundle will feature an R1 Shadowhunter Blueprint and Wolf's Bundle will feature a blueprint for the newest Assault Rifle: the FARA 83.

What do you want to see in the upcoming Operator Bundles? Who deserves more skins?

Season 2 Cinematic Trailer

The Black Ops Cold War Season Two Cinematic Trailer gives us an insight into what to expect.

Released prior to the latest major update, Treyarch kept a lot of things under wraps. However, the cinematic trailer below gives us a fantastic look at everyone who's coming to Black Ops Cold War Season Two in action.

Maxis might not get an appearance in the trailer, but, Naga, Wolf and Rivas all show up alongside Woods.

Below, we've got a more detailed look at each new Operator.

Four New Operators

Now that we've seen them in action, we have a better run-down of the four new Operators coming to Black Ops Cold War in Season Two.

Kapano Vang - Naga

Treyarch is bolstering the Warsaw Pact's ranks this season with Naga, a former Golden Triangle warlord feared for his brutality.

Naturally, this made him a prime candidate for recruitment as Perseus began to search for allies around the world.

New Operators Black Ops Cold War Season Two Naga Warsaw Pact
NAGA - This new Operator promises to strike fear in your enemies' hearts

Below, we have the official synopsis from the Call of Duty Blog:

Born in Laos and raised through decades of conflict, Kapano “Naga” Vang is a former warlord who grew rich trafficking drugs and weapons through the notorious Golden Triangle. Feared by his men because of his temper and brutality, he was a prime candidate for recruitment by Perseus. Following the orders of this threat to the free world, Naga uses his established supply lines to move WMDs around the globe and personally delivers vengeance to those who dare to stop or intercept his contraband.

Samantha Maxis - Maxis

For the first time in Black Ops' history, a Zombies character is fully entering the fray.

Samantha Maxis, as rumoured from the Firebase Z Easter Egg, is-indeed coming as a new Operator in Season Two.

New Operators Black Ops Cold War Season Two Zombies Maxis
MAXIS - For the first time, a Zombies character will be available in Warzone

Below, we have the official character synopsis from the Call of Duty Blog:

For the first time in Black Ops history, Samantha Maxis will be a playable Operator – and not just in Zombies. Following her rescue from the Omega Group at “Firebase Z,” Maxis prepares to join Requiem on the frontlines to fend off outbreaks throughout the Ural Mountains. Of course, she’s also not afraid to join NATO’s fight against the Warsaw Pact in Multiplayer, or drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island in Warzone

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Terrell Wolf - Wolf

Woods has only brought the best of the best with him to Laos and Wolf just so-happens to be one of them.

As an expert hunter, Terrell Wolf thrives in Jungle Warfare scenarios and will prove to be an invaluable asset to NATO forces.

New Operators Black Ops Cold War Season Two Wolf
WOLF - NATO's newest Jungle Fighter is an absolute beast

Below, you can check out the official character synopsis from the Call of Duty Blog:

Putting together the team for Adler’s rescue mission, Woods knew he would need the best Jungle Warfare Operators available. Terrell Wolf learned to hunt in the bayous of Louisiana surrounding his grandparent’s home. Entering service on his 18th birthday in memory of his fallen brother, he now stalks more dangerous prey as an elite Delta Force sniper.

Karla Rivas - Rivas

Nicaragua-born Karla Rivas is an expert in Guerilla Warfare and a beyond-useful addition to NATO's roster in the fight against Perseus.

She joins Woods, Wolf, and the rest of the team in the hunt for Adler across Laos and beyond.

New Operators Black Ops Cold War Season Two Rivas
RIVAS - Another NATO Operator is joining the fray in Season Two

We have the official character synopsis from the Call of Duty Blog below:

The other Operator joining Woods in the search for Adler, Karla Rivas grew up in Nicaragua surrounded by the Menendez Cartel and their wars with rival gangs. Her firsthand experience of the deadly consequences they had on their surrounding communities drove Rivas to dedicate her life to ridding her country of the Cartel’s influence, using guerrilla tactics to weaken them by any means necessary.

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Maxis will be available at the launch of Season Two via the in-game store, and Wolf and Rivas will be added to the in-game store as separate Operator Bundles throughout the season.

Naga will be available in a similar fashion to Stitch as a part of the Black Ops Cold War Season Two Battle Pass.

For the latest information, keep an eye on Call of Duty's social media channel here.

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