Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Xbox Series X players furious after PS5 reveal

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been accused of becoming a "play on PlayStation to win" game after Sony revealed more Playstation exclusives.

Black Ops Cold War Playstation exclusivity

It has been revealed that PlayStation 4 and 5 players of Treyarch and Raven's first-person shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War get two extra create a class slots, extra tier skips, extra weapon XP and exclusive double XP events.

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PLAYSTATION PERKS: PS5 exclusives revealed by Sony

The Battle Pass Bundle Bonus gives PlayStation players who buy the $20 Battle Pass Bundle an additional five tier skips - which makes for a total of 25 tier skips.

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Fans have criticised Activision and Sony by stating that the exclusives are "blatantly anti-consumer to PC and Xbox".

PlayStation Party Bonus

Here, PlayStation players who play together in parties receive +25 per cent bonus weapon XP.

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DOUBLE BUBBLE: Black Ops Cold War brings exclusive monthly 24 hour Double XP events for PlayStation players

This bonus still counts when playing with cross-platform teammates.

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Then there's a Double XP Bonus for PlayStation players.

This involves exclusive Monthly Double XP events that last for 24 hours.

Extra Loadout Slots for PS5 players

Finally, PlayStation 4 and 5 gamers get extra loadouts.

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CHOOSE WISELY: Xbox and PC players get two less loadout slots than PS5 players

PlayStation players get an additional two loadout slots, ready for customisation.

This is accessible when Create-A-Class unlocks upon reaching level four.

All this is in addition to a 12-month exclusive on the two-player co-op Zombies Onslaught mode.

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Sony said these exclusive benefits and the Zombies Onslaught mode are exclusive to PlayStation until 1st November, 2021.

Xbox and PC fans furious with Sony

Xbox and PC fans feel Sony have finally crossed the line with the latest PlayStation exclusives.

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FURIOUS FANS: Xbox and PC players not happy with anti-consumer exclusives

On the bonus tier skips, redditor Task_Set said: "It basically just means your money is worth less on Xbox/PC".

Redditor BenjaminWareing said that "granting two extra create a class slots ONLY for PlayStation players, AND extra tier skips, AND extra weapon XP, AND EXCLUSIVE Double XP events - ALL ONLY FOR PLAYSTATION is crossing the line."

He then added that this "is another stepping stone along the way towards complete player base disenfranchising."

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