FIFA 23 stars Neymar and Pogba revealed in Modern Warfare 2

The highly anticipated release of Call of Duty | Modern Warfare II has seen our first glimpse of its FIFA 23 crossover.

News broke that certain players would feature as skins in the game, and now we have seen our first glimpse of the superstars.

Neymar and Paul Pogba are the two footballers set to feature in this year's game, and their skins look epic from the images online.

Neymar MW2

One of the biggest stars in FIFA 23, Neymar is one of the megastars swapping out his boots and shinpads for guns and ammo!

Coming to the game as one of the new playable operators, you will be able to play as Neymar alongside the legendary Task Force 141 members.

fifa 23 neymar mw2
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SAMBA FLAIR - There is a flash of yellow on Neymar's skin in homage to Brazil

Team up with the likes of "Soap" and "Ghost" across various game modes and work your way to victory.

Neymar looks to have a flash of yellow on his arms, as he will when representing Brazil at the World Cup!

Paul Pogba MW2

The next FIFA 23 hero to be revealed in Modern Warfare 2 is none other than polarising Frenchman, Paul Pogba.

Like Neymar, Pogba will be available to use across game modes as you enjoy both online multiplayer and campaign modes.

fifa 23 pogba mw2
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PLAY IT COOL - Sunglasses in the heat of battle are an alpha move

If we had to choose, we are picking Pogba's skin all day long as he just looks ready for the battle to commence.

With the shades on, we get the impression that Pogba does not look back at explosions.

More to come

Fellow footballing superstar Lionel Messi is rumoured to be joining the squad in this year's game.

We are yet to see any images of this just yet, but the footballing GOAT is sure to prove a popular addition to the game.

This follows appearances from Jack Harlow, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Baby in a recent trailer for the game too.

It looks as though the franchise is looking to expand its reach and attract new fans with the addition of global stars from all walks of life.

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