Apex Legends LEAK Teases Titanfall Maps Coming for New LTM

Apex Legends titanfall

Apex Legends titanfall

Apex Legends fans are no strangers to Titanfall callbacks, as Respawn entertainment has drawn a great deal of inspiration from their last title. The popular battle Royale does in fact share the same universe as Titanfall, so shared features are unsurprising.

Whether it's Ash and Valkyrie, or the CAR SMG, fans of the games will no doubt have spotted the callbacks. Now though, old fan favourite maps may be coming to Apex Legends for a new Limited Time Mode. here's everything we know so far.

Apex Legends Titanfall Maps Leaked

Apex Legends Fan and well known leaker @KralRindo on twitter has revealed a string of Titanfall maps added to the game files in Apex Legends.

Titan fall fans will no doubt recognise these names, and for fans of both games this new leak is an absolute treat. While none of these would fit the Battle Royale Format that Apex Legends is known for, more leaks have surfaced that could suggest what the new game mode could be.

Apex Legends Ball Game Leaked

A leak back in April from popular Apex Legends leaker HYPERMYST on Youtube, showed a brand new ball game in Apex Legends.

The new titanfall map files are listed as 'Capture Points', which would fit with this new mode. FPS fans will notice that the new mode bears a resemblance to Uplink from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, a more which was beloved by fans and pros alike.

Unfortunately, we have no information yet about when the new content will be arriving in Apex Legends, but with files being added now it could potentially be a Season 15 Event.

With Gun Run being so popular in Season 14, the new LTM would almost certainly be an instant fan favourite.

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