Apex Legends Gun Game LEAKED in Twitch Rivals Schedule

Apex Legends Octane

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Respawn Entertainment may have accidentally teased a new game mode that fans have been asking for since the release of Apex Legends!

Gun Game is a beloved mode that has been hugely popular in games such as Call of Duty and Halo, and now it might be coming to Apex Legends.

In Gun Game, players start with smaller weapons, usually a pistol or melee, and level up by getting kills, thereby unlocking different and better guns.

Victory is achieved when a player gets a kill with every gun, although mechanics such as demoting an opponent with a kill have not been confirmed in Apex's take on Gun Game.

Apex Legends Gun Game Details Revealed

The long-anticipated time-limited mode could be making its debut with the launch of the next event in Apex Legends. Players will get a chance to try a huge number of guns in quick succession, which could be a treat for new players.

Apex Legends Guns
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Also confirmed is that the twitch rivals tournament will be a completely different format than usual. Where previous tournaments have been held in the game's standard modes, as well as some kill races in the early days, Twitch Rivals will feature a fresh take.

Apex Legends Shadow Royale Leaks

Also leaked in the image is the return of the Halloween annual time-limited mode, shadow royale. Players will be able to come back after death in order to get revenge on foes and clutch a victory for their squad.

Apex Legends Shadow Royale
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Although the maps on which the Gun Game and Shadow Royale will be playable are still up in the air, expect a variety of options. Fingers crossed these modes will return upon the release of the leaked and much-anticipated moon-based map.

Twitch Rivals will be live on the 8th of October and will feature the mash-up of different modes. Check out the stream on twitch to watch the pros show us how it's done!

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