Apex Legends Aim Trainer: New Mod Available for PC Gamers

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 15 is well underway, and Catalyst has arrived with her unique defensive kit that has truly shaken up the meta. Broken Moon has also breathed fresh air into the Apex Games, as the largest map we've seen to explore.

While the firing range is a good tool for new players, and to try a legend for the first time, it does little to prepare you for the full game. Here's everything you need to know about the PC tool that can give you the edge in any gunfight you find yourself in.

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New Aim Trainer in Apex

Luckily for fans, one of their own has come to their aid. An avid Apex Fan by the name @Cafefps has launched their very own aim training mod, Flowstate Aim Trainer, and it's fantastic.

The mod comes equipped with all up to date gun stats from Season 14, but unfortunately due to the nature of the mods that allow it to run, only Season 3 and earlier Legends.

The trainer offers the most realistic gameplay scenarios of any mod out there, and a wide variety at that. It utilises the Apex Legends R5 Reloaded mod, which we'll include a short rundown of for those not in the know.

Apex Legends R5 Reloaded

R5 Reloaded is a mod that allows players to install an older version of the game, with custom mods. This means you aren't on live servers, so you aren't cheating, and you can practice scenarios and bend the rules to your will offline.

Flowstate Aim trainer
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All the information you could possibly need to download and run the mod is available on the discord, here. There's a ton of other community mods available for you to check out too.

Always run these mods at your own risk though, as they are not Respawn endorsed, and if they decide that they're bannable, there's no going back.

How to Install Flowstate

Not only has CafeFps created and released this for download, but all the instructions and guides to install and run the mod are available here, or via his twitter.

For now, the game devs at Respawn say that as long as the mod isn't impacting the game files, they're happy for players to use the mod, but beware that this could change at any time.

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