Crimsix Retires from Competitive Call of Duty



After competing for nearly 15 years, Crimsix is finally choosing to step down from competitive Call of Duty. The most winningest player of all time, his career has been a spectacle to behold.

His departure will leave a huge gap in the CDL that will perhaps never be filled. Let's take a look at why he's chosen now to step down, and Crimsix's story.

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Why is Crimsix Retiring?

At the age of 29, almost 10 years older than many of his fellow competitors, no one can blame Crimsix for choosing now to bow out.

In his announcement video, he explained that the "generational gap" was getting too much for him to deal with in the competitive scene. As many other veterans have expressed, the rising APM and intensity of Call of Duty titles is kryptonite to older players.

Crimsix will now be focusing his attention to content, both on his Twitch channel, and YouTube. He'll be looking to make up some of the time with his fiancée, that he's had to sacrifice for his career.

Although it might be many people's dream, competitive Call of Duty is not a career for the faint-hearted. Crimsix fans will be looking forward to him taking his talents to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 on a more casual basis.

Crimsix's Career

Crimsix's career is one full of accolades. The most winningest Call of Duty player, with 37 major tournament wins, there isn't much he hasn't won. He also has 3 World Championships, and was the joint 1st player, alongside Clayster, to surpass $1 million in earnings.

Optic Gaming dynasty team
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His time on the Optic Gaming Dynasty team is what many will remember him for, with 18 of his wins in that time. The team of him, Scump, Formal, and Karma still hold a monopoly on the winningest leaderboard, with all top 4 spots between them.

Crimsix will be sorely missed by new and old fans alike, and leaves Scump as the final Veteran of the Optic roster to still be competing.

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