*LATEST* Apex Legends Season 15: Everything we know so far

Apex Legends Season 15

Apex Legends Season 15

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Season 14 of Apex Legends is wrapping up soon, and tons of details about the next season have already dropped. New maps, Legends and Modes are in store for the Battle Royale title very soon.

Apex Legends Season 15 promises to be a banger, so we've broken down all the leaks and information we have so far.

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*UPDATED* Catalyst official trailer released

An official trailer for the new legend, Catalyst has been released by EA early this morning.

The new legend is also the first transgender legend to join the roster.

Catalyst or Tressa Smith is able to control ferrofluid, a fluiod crafted by Hammond Industries.

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Apex Season 15 release date

From convention, we can assume the start date of Apex Legends Season 15 will be early November, but according to Tom Henderson, a known leaker on Twitter, Season 15 will begin on the 1st of November.

apex legends octane
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We even have a brand new title for the season: Eclipse. This would fit with the release of the new moon-based map.

Apex Season 15 leaks

Now, this is where things get exciting. A huge amount of information has been leaked surrounding Apex this year, so let's look at what we know will likely be dropping with Season 15.

In a tweet earlier this month from SomeoneWhoLeaks, game files have been found that seem to point to the new Legend that will drop this November: Catalyst.

Catalyst is shaping up to be a very defensive Legend, whose playstyle and abilities could shake up Apex as we know it. With the ability to create and reinforce structures, (think Apex Legends meets Fortnite) she could work a treat paired with fellow defensive legends like Newcastle. Read about the new Catalyst leaks here.

Another exciting possibility for Season 15 is the Moon-based map, which leaked back in February. After a Season of changes to Kings Canyon, it likely won’t be due another shake-up, so perhaps a new map is just what the doctor ordered.

king's canyon as seen in season 14 of apex legends
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With no confirmed map information yet, perhaps this could even be the host of the new ranked season and give players the opportunity to climb up the ranks in zero gravity.

What to expect

Expect a big shake-up to the meta this November. With Catalyst all but confirmed, and no doubt new balance changes to Legends and Weapons alike, be sure to get online as soon as the new season drops to get a leg-up on your competition.

apex legends wattson screenshot from cinematic reveal trailer
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Make sure to have a few Gigabytes saved up for the new update, and the usual 950 Apex coins for the battle pass, and you’ll be all set for the new season. Watch this space for new information about balancing and map releases.

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