How to dive on multiple opponents

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WWE 2K24 is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to see what this latest edition has in store.

The game is set to build on last year's progression, with a host of new features already revealed.

A feature revealed to us in a hands-on preview of the game was the ability to dive onto multiple opponents, adding yet another flair to gameplay.

Check below to discover how you can master this skill in WWE 2K24.

How to dive on multiple opponents

WWE 2K24 is set to introduce a bunch of new gameplay elements that will no doubt add a totally different dynamic to the gameplay.

One such addition is the ability to dive on multiple opponents, a feature that fans of the franchise have been waiting for for some time.

Effectively, in any multi-person match, you can now launch onto multiple opponents provided they are within the same target range.

For example, you could take to the top rope and launch yourself onto two unsuspecting opponents below.

WWE 2K Diving
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NEW SKILL - Multi-dive has been added to WWE 2K24

In order to do this, you will need to first climb the turnbuckle by heading to the corner of the ring and pressing LB (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation)

Once your superstar is set up, and two opponents are close together in the landing ground, you will need to press X or A (Xbox) or X or Square (PlayStation). This will see your superstar perform a light or heavy attack from the top rope.

The same multi-dive ability can also be used when launching yourself out of the ring.

In order to achieve this, firstly ensure that two opponents are close together on the outside of the ring.

From the inside of the ring, walk or run towards the ropes and press A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation). This should see your superstar fly through the ropes and land on your opponent.

Further improvements

Multi-person diving isn't the only new gameplay feature added by 2K this year, with some other major additions introduced as well.

The ability to throw weapons has been confirmed, as well as a brand new Trading Blows mini-game.

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes
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STEPPING UP - WWE 2K24 is showing positive signs

New match types have also been introduced in the former of Casket Matches, Ambulance Matches and Gauntlet Matches.

All this shapes up to make WWE 2K24 look like the strongest edition of the franchise to date.

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