WWE 2K24 Best Community Creations: Sting, Will Ospreay & more

WWE 2K24 Rhea Ripley NXT Era

WWE 2K24 Rhea Ripley NXT Era

WWE 2K24 is here and is already being considered by many the best wrestling game ever. It delivers an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, and the Community Creations feature plays a big role in that.

Community Creations allows fans to give wings to their creativity, and recreate iconic Superstars, arenas, and championship belts that didn't make it into the game.

This allows fans to download and play with their favourite Superstar, even if that Superstar is in a different company, in an iconic arena, making the game even more immersive.

So let's find out which are the best Community Creations in WWE 2K24

Best Community Creations in WWE 2K24

The best and also most popular Community Creations in WWE 2K24 are of wrestling Superstars who compete for other companies, or iconic titles that didn't make it in the game.

These Superstars and iconic championship belts are carefully created by some incredibly talented people in the WWE 2K community. These creations are very detailed and allow fans to play with many Superstars that wouldn't make it into the game otherwise.

WWE 2K24 Community Creations Menu
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Credit: WWE 2K

WWE 2K24 is still on early access, but there is already a plethora of great Community Creations you can download, and that will make your game experience much better.

So let's take a look at some of those.

Sting - NeganTheSavior

Sting is a wrestling legend, with an illustrious career, who had his retirement match just three days ago. The Icon's last match was incredible and I highly recommend you watch it.

WWE 2K24 Sting Community Creation
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Credit: NeganTheSavior

It's no surprise to see Sting being one of the most popular Community Creations in WWE 2K24. NeganTheSavior Sting is by far the best one as it nailed everything about the character. It has the correct face pain, the attire, the entrance and even the move set.

If you want to play with "The Icon" then just download this Community Creation and enjoy.

Will Ospreay - DMBGAMING

While Sting had his last match at AEW Revolution, Will Ospreay made his full-time AEW debut with a match against Konosuke Takeshita that left the wrestling world in awe. If you are a wrestling fan make sure to watch it!

WWE 2K24 Will Ospreay Community Creation
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DMBGAMING made sure fans were able to replicate Billy Goat incredible in-ring ability in WWE 2K24 with his spectacular custom creation. It's currently one of the most downloaded and upvoted community creations, which tells you everything you need to know.

Now you can finally make that Will Ospreay vs Seth "Freakin" Rollins dream match a reality.

CM Punk - Valoween

The "Best in the World" will arrive at WWE 2K24 on 15 May, as part of the first DLC of the game.

However, most WWE 2K players don't want to wait until then, and they want to be able to play with one of the most polarizing wrestlers of all -time right now.

WWE 2K24 CM Punk Community Creation
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Credit: Valoween

If you also share that feeling, then Valoween has you covered, since his CM Punk CAW is spectacular and lets you play with the "Best in the World" Superstar right now.

There are plenty of other great creations, so make sure you access the Community Creations menu and take a look at them.

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