WWE 2K24: 2K hands down perma-ban to prolific community creator

WWE 2K24 Rhea Ripley

WWE 2K24 Rhea Ripley

Community Creations is one of the best features in WWE 2K24 and it's something that makes the 2K title unique. So it comes as a huge surprise to see that one of the biggest community creators has received a permanent online ban!

We are talking about community creator Status, who is well regarded in the WWE 2K community. Status creations are very detailed and give players the chance to play with superstars that aren't available in the game's base roster.

So let's find out what happened for Status to get banned, and why the community is fuming about the decision.

Status received a permanent online ban for no good reason

As mentioned above, Status recently received a permanent online ban, with the reason for the ban being that the account was "associated with Inappropriate Content".

This is a completely ridiculous reason, as Status community creations are far from being NSFW, and everyone familiar with their work knows that.

Status creates new attires for superstars that aren't available in the game, such as the recent Asuka '24 Wrestlemania 40 attire. He also creates superstars from other companies such as AEW, that players wouldn't otherwise be able to use.

WWE 2K24 Status Perma Online Ban message
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Credit: @WhatsTheStatus
Here is the message Status received notifying him that they were permanently banned from any online feature.

Furthermore, Status creations are some of the best in the WWE 2K community, with a high level of detail in presentation, moves, and commentary.

Unfortunately, there is indeed a lot of inappropriate content on the WWE 2K24 Community Creations pages, and, understandably, 2K wants to get rid of it.

However, banning creators that have nothing to do with that huge problem, such as Status, is not the solution. This can actually create a new problem, as it might make some of the best community creators leave the game.

The WWE 2K community rallied in support of Status

Despite losing access to all online features of WWE 2K24 and all of the creations being removed from the Community Creations feature, Status didn't lose the support of the WWE 2K community.

The community rallied in support of Status, with the hashtag "FreeStatus" trending on X with more than 13K posts. This clearly shows that the community strongly disagrees with this decision, and also proves just how important a community creator Status is.

Status trending on X
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Credit: @WhatsTheStatus

Players want to protect everything that makes their favorite game better, and there is no doubt that Status makes WWE 2K24 more enjoyable for a plethora of players.

WWE 2K games have refollowed Status on X, and even if both parties still haven't talked and Status's permanent ban remains, this is a good sign. Hopefully, 2K will be quick in fixing their mistake, unbanning Status, and making all of the creations available once again.

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