Wuthering Waves Wintry Bell Locations & Best Farming Route

Credit: Kuro Games

Credit: Kuro Games

If you're looking for all the information about one of Wuthering Waves' ascension materials, Wintry Bell, you've definitely spawned to the right place. With this Wuthering Waves Wintry Bell guide, you'll get all the details about this material, including its locations and some of the best farming routes!

Wintry Bell was introduced in Wuthering Waves with the release of Version 1.0 for the ascension of Yangyang, Sanhua, and Aalto. This fancy flower is mainly found scattered across the Gorges of Spirits.

Wintry Bell Farming Guide

With the release of Version 1.0, players can now stumble upon 26 Wintry Bells scattered across the wilderness, respawning every 48 hours.

To fully ascend Yangyang's, Sanhua's, or Aalto's Resonator, you'll need 60 Wintry Bells each. For those looking to speed up their Ascension process, hopping into a friend's or stranger's realm to collect their flowers might be worth considering!

Wintry Bell Locations and Farming Route

The primary location to find a Wintry Bell is the Gorges of Spirits. You can gather a significant amount of this flower by visiting this area. Specifically, these plants will be found in clusters in the southwest section of the Gorges of Spirits.

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Credit: Wuthering Waves Interactive Map
Wintry Bell Location.

This flower has a unique advantage over other materials in the game: it's concentrated in a specific area on the map, meaning you can get a large quantity by visiting just one spot. Here, our advice to players is to use the teleport feature; it allows you to reach this plant more quickly, maximizing your gathering efficiency.

If you are not a fan who prefers to wander around looking for things, there is a vendor for you named Shifang Pharmacy located in Jinzhou Main City. When you enter this place, you will probably encounter Koko, and you can purchase up to 15 Wintry Bells from her. Don't forget, if you want to get all of them, you'll have to spend 45,000 Shell Credits.

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Credit: Kuro Games
Shifang Pharmacy / Jinzhou location in Wuthering Waves.

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