Wuthering Waves Sanhua Build Best Weapons, Echoes, and Team

Sanhua Wuthering Waves Build
Credit: Kuro Games

Sanhua Wuthering Waves Build
Credit: Kuro Games

Although Sanhua is only a 4-star Glacio Sword character in Wuthering Waves, she deserves some love as she can be quite powerful and useful if you have a proper build for her. Sanhua is available through the game’s first login event, meaning she is available to many right away.

With all this in mind, this this bodyguard of Jinzhou’s Magistrate, known for having an icy personality can be used as a hybrid character, as a main DPS or sub-DPS. To buff her properly and explore her full potential, be sure to follow our Sanhua Wuthering Waves build guide.

Sanhua Kit Overview

Here's quick overview of Sanhua's kit to get things started:

  • Frigid Light (Basic Attack)
    • A basic attack that deals Glacio damage
  • Eternal Frost (Resonance Skill)
    • Sanhua sends an air blade to create 1 Ice Prism across the ground, dealing Glacio DMG
  • Glacial Gaze (Resonance Liberation)
    • Sanhua deals Glacio DMG and creates 1 Glacier.
  • Clarity of Mind (Forte Circuit)
    • Heavy Attack - Detonate: When holding Basic Attack, a cursor moves back and forth on the Forte Gauge. Release Basic Attack while cursos falls in the Frostbite area, to perform Heavy Attack Detonate, dealing Glacio DMG considered as Heavy Attack damage.
    • Ice Burst: Sanhua's Heavy Attack Detonate detonates all Ice Thorns, Ice Prisms, and Glaciers within her attack range, dealing Glacio DMG. Damage done by Ice Burst is considered as Resonance Skill damage.
    • Frostbite Area: The Frostbite area expands with every stack of Clarity. Clarity stacks up to 2 times. Upon casting Heavy Attack Detonate, all Clarity is removed.
  • Freezing Thorns (Intro Skill)
    • Sanhua swings her blade downward and creates 1 Ice Thorn, dealing Glacio DMG.
  • Silversnow (Outro Skill)
    • The next character (or other characters on a nearby team that activates an Outro Skill) gains 38% Basic Attack DMG Deepen for 14s or until they are switched off-field.
Sanhua build guide
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Credit: Kuro Games
Sanhua build guide

Sanhua Best Weapons

From what can be seen from her kit, Sanhua can be both a Sub-DPS and a support. Her favorite weapon is a sword and there are a few weapons that complement her dual role playstyle.

  • Emerald Of Genesis
  • Commando Of Conviction
  • Lumingloss
  • Sword Of Night
  • Sword Of Voyager
Emerald of Genesis Sanhua
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Credit: Kuro Games
Emerald of Genesis Sanhua


  • Emerald of Genesis

This is a 5-star option and the best weapon you can get for Sanhua. It provides ATK, Crit Rate, and Energy Recharge. To be precise, it increases Energy Regen by 12.8%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 6%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s.


  • Lumingloss (increases Basic and Heavy ATK DMG)

Although a Battle Pass weapon it will prove itself worthy. Its ATK% bonus stat it will help Sanhua’s damage and its passive increases Basic and Heavy ATK DMG.

  • Commando of Conviction (increases ATK after using Intro Skill)

When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 15%, lasting for 15s.


  • Sword of Night

Although a 3-star weapon it is a useful one as it provides an ATK increase by 8% when Intro Skill is released. This effect lasts for 10s.

Sanhua Best Echo Set

When it comes to Echoes, Sanhua is an easy one. You can build upon Lampylumen Myriad. It deals AoE DMG and increases Glacio and Resonance Skill DMG.

However, Sanhua lacks bonuses and all you can do is basic or heavy attack.

With that said, here is what set is the best for her:

  • Moonlit Clouds - If you are building her as a sub-DPS, its 2-pc set bonus gives a 10% Energy Recharge. Then, its 5-pc set increases the next character’s ATK by 22% which complements her Outro Skill.
  • Freezing Frost - If you want to maximize her damage this is the best to go. Its 2-pc set has a 10% Glacio DMG bonus and 5-pc provides an additional 10% Glacio DMG bonus when Sanhua attacks with a basic or heavy ATK.

When you start with Sanhua there are a few main stats you must prioritize on her Echo set:

  • 4 Cost: Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • 3 Cost: Glacio Damage
  • 3 Cost: Glacio Damage or Energy Regeneration
  • 1 Cost: Attack %
  • 1 Cost: Attack %

For Echo Substats, we suggest prioritizing Energy Regeneration, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Attack %, Resonance Liberation Damage

Sanhua Best Teams

Sanhua as a Sub-DPS will shine next to a powerful Main DPS such as Encore, which is perhaps the strongest character out there. In addition to Encore, Verina is another character you want in your Wuthering Waves team with Sanhua.

If you are using Sanhua as Main DPS then you can have Rover, Jiangxi, or Yangyang as sub-DPS, while Verina or Baizhi in the support/healer slot.

Encore Wuthering Waves
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Credit: Kuro Games
Encore Wuthering Waves

Sanhua Forte Priority

Fortes are skills and buffs that are unique to each character. While we have already covered every skill that Sanhua poses, here's the order in which they should be upgraded:

  1. Forte Circuit
  2. Resonance Skill
  3. Resonance Liberation
  4. Intro Skill
  5. Basic Attack

With this, we conclude our Wuthering Waves Sanhua build guide. As we said, she is a 4-star character, and probably somewhere between A and B in the tier list, but she is free after you log in enough times, and she deserves some love.

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