How to Double Jump in Wuthering Waves

Double Jump in Wuthering Waves

Double Jump in Wuthering Waves

Feeling restricted by single jumps in Wuthering Waves? Don't worry, we'll help you reach new heights!

Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play open-world game similar to Genshin Impact. It throws players into a thrilling world where mastering the mechanics is key to unlocking a world of fun! One such technique is the double jump, which elevates players' gameplay by allowing them to reach greater heights and navigate obstacles easily.

How Does Double Jumping Work in Wuthering Waves?

Unlike other games where performing a double jump is offered by default, Wuthering Waves doesn't provide one. However, here's how players can attain a similar effect.

  • Press the jump button to initiate the standard jump, propelling your character upwards
  • Next, during the peak of your jump, there is a small window to trigger the second jump
  • Within this window, perform the plunge attack, and this will perform a second jump

The primary key to a successful double jump is timing. Performing the plunge attack too early will do nothing, and too late will just result in a simple jump. Here, practice will make us perfect, and spending time in the training mode is highly recommended.

Alternatively, players can jump higher by combining jumping, plunging, and dodging. Just perform the simple jump and then plunge, dodge, and plunge again, propelling the player higher.

Note: Regardless of the device (PC, PlayStation, Xbox), the mechanics to perform a double jump remain the same.

Wuthering Wave Jinzhou City.
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Double Jumping Perks

Double jumping in Wuthering Waves unlocks a new level of mobility and tactical options. Here are some key benefits of the move:

  • Reach higher places quickly: This mechanic allows players to easily reach elevated platforms, hidden areas, and valuable resources that aren't reachable with single jumps. This offers many new exploration possibilities in missions!
  • Enhanced combat maneuvers: Double jumping adds a new attack in combat and allows players to dodge enemy attacks and perform sudden strikes and attacks from above. This gives players a more dynamic and strategic edge when in battle.
  • Explore challenging terrains: Wuthering Waves players into different platforms when completing missions. Here, double jumping allows smoothly navigating these areas and leaping over dangers and obstacles with ease. Also, hidden passages and secret caves become accessible, allowing players to uncover hidden secrets.

Players can dominate and be outside their opponents by learning and mastering double jumping in Wuthering Waves. Just practice your jumps and ride the tides!

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