Valorant Imperium Bundle - All skins, price, release date, more

Imperium Bundle
Credit: Riot Games

Imperium Bundle
Credit: Riot Games

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As we prepare for the release of Episode 7 Act 2, Riot Games gave us an official look at the Valorant Imperium bundle which features Water-dragon-themed cosmetics.

As is often the case with Valorant content, it was leaked beforehand by reliable sources. However, the Imperium collection was finally revealed on 27 August by Riot Games themselves with an amazing trailer that features top-quality CG and in-game footage.

With that said, let's take a look at everything you need to know about the Valorant Imperium bundle.

Valorant Imperium bundle - Release date and cost

The Valorant Imperium collection is set to release on 29 August, alongside Episode 7 Act 2. It will take over the featured section of the in-game Valorant store.

Each skin will cost a total of 2,175 Valorant Points (VP), and the Melee weapon will cost a whooping 4,350 VP. In total, the entire collection is priced at 8,700VP.

Valorant Imperium bundle - All skins

In total, the skins included in the collection are the following:

  • Vandal
  • Judge
  • Sheriff
  • Operator
  • Melee

The designs are reminiscent of the Oni skins, with a Dragon-like figure at the base of the weapon. It features plenty of cosmetic features such as finishers that change depending on the colour variant you've selected.

It's a hefty price to pay for some skins, even for Valorant standard, but at least you'll seem to get your money's worth if you're into the aesthetics of it.

Episode 7 Act 2 has plenty of changes coming about to Valorant, including a brand-new map called Sunset, set in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the map rotation will finally change again, with two leaving the pool for unrated and ranked (Fracture and Pearl). Meanwhile, Breeze alongside the aforementioned Sunset are making it into the pool.

And that's it! For more content, check out our Valorant Agent tier list guide to help you choose a main if you're looking to jump back in or are playing for the first time.

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