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Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 is almost here. The community is very excited about it, with fans eager to see which changes the new Act will bring.

The Act 2 of Episode 7 will introduce a new Battle Pass, a new map rotation, and a new map, which we now know is called Sunset! So far, fans have loved the new episode because of its great content. We expect that to continue, with Act 2 delivering even more incredible content, such as new skins, great Battle Pass rewards, and more.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about Valorant Episode 7 Act 2.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 release date

As mentioned above, Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 is almost here. The new Act will go live on 29 August, at 2PM PT/22PM GMT. In some specific regions, the Act will only launch on 30 August, because of time zone differences.

Just like it happens before every new Act, the Valorant servers will undergo a restart. The ranked servers will be down for a couple of hours, and the competitive queue will be disabled because of it.

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Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 also marks the official launch of the Premier feature. This means Valorant Premier will become a permanent game mode, and that no changes should be coming to it in the near future.

A new patch will also go live at the same time as the new Act begins. We expect this patch to bring some agent changes, but the map rotation should remain the same.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 Battle Pass

Thanks to ValorLeaks, we have all information you need about the Episode 7 Act 2 battle pass. Fans were quite happy with the Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass, and this one isn't going to disappoint.

These are all the Player Cards.

And of course, the skins available in the battle pass are:

Like all the other previous Battle Passes, we expect this one to cost 1000 Valorant Points.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 map changes

As revealed on Riot's official Twitter account recently, Episode 7 Act 2 will bring about a map rotation. The tropical paradise, Breeze, is coming back! On the flip side, Fracture and Pearl are going to join Icebox outside of the map rotation. If you're a fan of Icebox, sadly you'll have to wait until the next map rotation to see the winter wonderland make a return.

On top of that, Breeze is getting a major overhaul, with significant changes coming to Mid and A-side of the map.

We will make sure to update this article as soon as more information about Episode 7 Act 2 is made available. So, make sure to check it regularly.

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