A Water Dragon Bundle Is Coming To Valorant!

Valorant Water Dragon Bundle
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Water Dragon Bundle
Credit: Riot Games

Fans are excited to see what changes we can expect when Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 rolls around, especially with rumours of a new map set to be released during this act. Now, leaks suggest the launch bundle will feature a Water Dragon aesthetic.

Valorant skin bundles range from interesting designs, which are usually on the cheaper side of things, to outlandish and ludicrous, often the ones people drool over despite carrying a hefty price-tag.

The information, while not official, comes from reliable sources, which pretty much confirm the aesthetic of the Episode 7 Act 2 launch skin collection.

Valorant Water Dragon bundle is coming

Initially published by a Valorant Turkish account and replicated by both ValorantLeaksEN and ValorantUpdated, the new Episode 7 Act 2 bundle will feature a Water Dragon aesthetic, with a dark green colour scheme being the predominant design.

Acts in Valorant are usually released alongside incredible skin bundles that are sure to have fans reach for their wallet. One of the best recent collections in the game, the Radiant Entertainment System collection, came out to celebrate the release of Episode 6 Act 3 for example.

When is Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 releasing?

If everything goes as planned, we can expect Episode 7 Act 2 to release on 29 August. Meaning the bundle could be shown during the Valorant Champions grand finals, similar to how the new map is rumoured to be unveiled.

Of course, the skin collection being leaked beforehand is a possibility, as insiders and leakers usually get the upper hand when it comes to this type of information. So expect news of the Water Dragon bundle in Valorant sooner rather than later. As soon as we know the price, release date, which guns are part of the bundle, and much more, we'll be updating you accordingly.

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