Valorant Sunset, New Map Leaked

Valorant Sunset
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Sunset
Credit: Riot Games

Leaks are inevitable when it comes to Riot Games with fans getting an early look at the upcoming Valorant Sunset map, which was set to be unveiled during the Valorant Champions finals.

Following recent teasers by Riot and the confirmation that two maps would be leaving the Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 map rotation, it was all but confirmed that a new map would come to the game after fans were starving for more content.

Sadly, the surprise was ruined by insiders and leakers with reputable credibility, making this information almost guaranteed to be real.

New Valorant map set in Los Angeles

According to ValorLeaks, the most reliable Valorant insider on social media, the new map will be called Sunset and it's heavily inspired in Los Angeles, California. Not surprising, considering that is where Valorant Champions is currently being held at.

ValorLeaks also reports that Riot Games will look to keep focus on gunplay and teamwork when designing Sunset as there are no gimmicks attached to the map, which only has two sites. That's right, no breakable or rotating walls while trying to defend three sites (we're looking at you Lotus!).

With the impending release of Sunset, Valorant's main map tally will increase to nine, not taking into consideration the three exclusive Team Deathmatch locations added with patch 7.0.

Furthermore, the addition of Sunset will end a long seven-month wait for a new map to be released. The last one that made it to the main modes of Valorant, Lotus, was released with patch 6.0 on 10 January.

Expect confirmation and more details regarding Sunset when Riot Games officially reveals it. Rest assured we'll cook up some guides and tips/tricks for you to make the best out of your time while playing Valorant in Sunset!

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