New Valorant Map To Be Revealed During Champions Finals

Valorant New Map
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant New Map
Credit: Riot Games

After the release of Lotus in January, fans have been wondering when they would get a new Valorant map. It seems that the long wait might finally be over as Riot Games teased a new one that's set to be officially unveiled on 26 August.

The date coincides with the finals of Valorant Champions, the culmination of VCT in 2023 where the best teams from all three International Leagues compete for glory. Naturally, a perfect stage to reveal more content for the tactical shooter.

The first potential map teaser came out on 15 August, with Deadlock (the latest Agent added to Valorant with patch 7.0) and Cypher joining forces to "take a peek behind the KINGDOM curtain."

Take a look at the clip down below:

As we've mentioned, the wait for a new map has been a long one. Lotus was released in January, and while we've had plenty of content to freshen up the experience, including Agents and new modes, nothing beats the excitement of finding that perfect Viper lineup on a brand-new scenario, for example.

When is the new Valorant map coming out?

Of course, very little is known regarding the map itself, let alone a potential release date. We do hope that, once it's announced, the new Valorant map won't take too long to join the unranked and ranked playlists.

If this were to happen, the map rotation would obviously change, so it'll be interesting to see which ones get left out in favour of the newest map.

At the moment, both Breeze and Icebox are out of rotation, with fans hopeful that they receive some sort of tuning ahead of their impending return. In the meantime, all eyes will be set on Riot's social media for the following days to see more teases for the upcoming Valorant map.

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