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A new Valorant Act has arrived, and as usual, it comes with a new skin bundle. It's already a Valorant tradition to introduce a new skin bundle at the beginning of every act. Valorant players are always excited to see new skins enter the game, especially when they are part of a brand-new skin line.

This new Valorant skin bundle is inspired by the retro consoles of the gaming industry. It pays homage to devices that marked generations and made millions of people fall in love with gaming.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Valorant Radiant Entertainment System bundle.

Valorant Radiant Entertainment System bundle Release Date

The Radiant Entertainment System bundle is arguably one of the most exciting skin bundles to arrive in Valorant. Not only do the skins look amazing, but their in-game animations are equally astonishing.

Players will be able to purchase the bundle on 25 April. As mentioned above, it comes out at the same time the new ACT does. The full bundle will cost 11900 Valorant Points. Players that just want to acquire the weapons will pay 2975 Valorant Points, which makes this skin bundle the most expensive of all time.

Because of that, we still don't know to which tier this bundle belongs, since it's more expensive than any of the other skin lines in any tier. So, it's possible a new tier will be coming to Valorant. That's where the Radiant Entertainment System bundle will be placed. We expect this new tier to become the highest in the game.

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This new Skin line is inspired by retro game consoles.

The bundle brings four incredible weapons skins, but that is not all. There are also exclusive sprays, spectacular playercards, unique gunbuddies, and an amazing melee skin.

Fans had a very positive reaction to the new skin bundle. Many even said it's among the best skin lines Valorant has ever released. They praised the skins' design and their unique animations. However, some think the price is a little bit too high.

All Skins

As mentioned above, there are four weapons skins, and a melee one. There is one skin for the Phantom, Ghost, Bulldog, and Operator. Then, we have the melee skin, which is one of the most expensive in the game, costing 5950 Valorant Points. It's also a very unique melee skin, which many players will want to get their hands on.

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This is one of the most exciting skin bundles in a long time.

As usual, each weapon will feature three purchasable upgrades. LVL two will cost ten Radianite and will add sound effects. LVL three will add animations for the same price. In LVL four, for also ten Radianite, the finisher will be added.

It's the animations and sounds that make these skins spectacular. So, if you do buy them, make sure you LVL them up.

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