UFC 4: How to Earn Evolution Points - Sparring, Challenges, Skills & more

UFC 4 is here, and with the massive new career mode, players are looking to rise through the ranks.

To progress your Career Mode character in UFC 4, you'll need to pick up Evolution Points.

Here's how to earn them.

UFC 4 Evolution Points

Evolution Points are the currency you'll use to upgrade skills, purchase perks, and repair injuries in UFC 4.

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This makes them extremely valuable for your progression, helping you gear up for bigger fights and recover from bad losses.

Earning Evolution Points

Evolution Points are gained when players level up skills and complete challenges in UFC 4.

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HEAVY BAG: If you're afraid of injury, the heavy bag is a nice way to get your fitness ready for your upcoming fight safely

When training, these challenges will cover all of the different sparring options (even including the heavy bag).

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By completing these sparring challenges, players will pick up Evolution Points in a repeatable way throughout your training camp.

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Along with these sparring challenges, players can also earn Evolution Points from leveling up their skills through use. This can happen in fights or in training, so you can even do this while completing sparring challenges.

Spending Evolution Points

When spending your Evolution Points it's important to be strategic.

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DANGER: If you're facing Masvidal, it's probably best you get your chin up to par

If you're injured from training or from your previous fight, Evolution Points can be a fast way to recover injuries.

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If you're looking to gear up for a fight against a fighter with a particular strength, you can use your Evolution Points to catch up your counters to that style.

For instance if you're going against a jiu-jitsu black belt, it's probably worthwhile to bump up your submission defense. The same can be said for strikers and wrestlers.

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Apart from these strategies, Evolution Points can be used to level up your strengths so that they'll be just as valuable for any given opponent.

Be careful though, as these skills will already naturally level up from use and become expensive quick.

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