UFC 4: Gameplay - OFFICIAL RATINGS, New Trailer, New Mechanics, Striking, Clinch, Takedown, Ground Game, Submissions, High Impact Moments & more

UFC 4 has all new features which improve even more on its predecessors.

We already know a ton of information about the new game's gameplay and combat system, so keep reading to find out more.

New Gameplay Trailer

A new gameplay trailer which showcases some of the awesome new features in the game is here! Take a look!

Dynamic Striking

UFC 4 will feature brand new dynamic striking controls that adopt a Tap or Hold System.

ufc 4 gameplay striking 1
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MIX IT UP: Throw a viariation of strikes with the new tap or hold system

This means that you can opt to tap a button for a quick strike or basic move, or hold a button for longer to unleash a more powerful, flashier and damaging strike.

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This system has been built to make it less complicated for gamers to throw the variety of strikes used in MMA!

New Clinch and Takedown System

For UFC 4, the clinch and takedown system has been completely overhauled!

Real Player Motion Technology has been integrated into the clinch position, so the clinch game is now more like close-range striking rather than a standing version of the grappling game.

ufc 4 takedown clinch gameplay 1
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FEARSOMLY FLUID: Move seamlessly from close striking, to the clinch to a takedown with Real Player Motion Tech

This means there are completely new transition animations that make for fluid and initiative clinch strikes, trips and takedowns.

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This same system has been introduced for takedowns so there is a ton of variety when it comes to takedown attempts and defences.

Ground Game

Just like the standing game, the ground game in UFC 4 is also different from any previous UFC title.

Ground and Pound

When it comes to ground game, everyone loves a bit of ground and pound to finish off their opponent.

Well, you'll be glad to hear that the top fighter will now be able to throw quicker strikes and all-new combinations, which will result in some furious top game attacks.

ufc 4 gameplay generic 1
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TWIST AND SHOUT: Escape deadly ground positions with new defensive head movements

Similarly, the bottom fighter has new moves at their disposal - new defensive head movement and counters will help the defensive player get out of some sticky situations!

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Fianlly, Ground and Pound will feature new gameplay cameras, which moves away from the traditional boadcast view to a more personal view to heighten the action.


It's fair to say that many gamers had troubles when trying to master submission defences in UFC 3.

Thankfully, EA has taken the feedback on board and introduced two brand new submission mini-games - one for choke submissions and one for joint submissions.

ufc 4 submissions gameplay 1
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TO TAP OR NOT TO TAP: The new submission mini-games will be more accessible for the casual gamer

The new mechanics adopt a simpler and more familiar HUD display where you chase your opponent's graphic around a circle to submit or escape from your opponent.

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In addition, gamers will have the ability to strike during submission to soften up the opponent or perform slam escapes to turn the tide and deal damage to your opponent.

New Grapple Assist

UFC 4 will feature a new Grapple Assist system, helping out the more casual gamers who don't have the time to get to grip with full legacy controls.

The Grapple Assist features three inputs for the left stick that remain present at all times whilst grappling:

  • Get Up
  • Submit
  • Ground & Pound

If you perform one of these inputs you'll either perform the action or transition to the correct position to then perform the action.

High Impact Moments

Finally, UFC 4's visuals and audio are going to take on a whole new vibe.

We're talking improved facial and body ripple deformation on impact and a whole new stun VFX and SFX sequence to highlight heavy damage.

ufc 4 high impact moments 1
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FEEL EVERY PUNCH: New VFX and SFX will create a more immersive fighting experience

There will also be improved slow-motion replays and all-new commentary from 2-division UFC champ Daniel Cormier.

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