*UPDATED* UFC 4: Career Mode - Trailer, Create a Fighter, Fighter Evolution, Social Media, Customisation, Vanity Items, news & more

EA has said it themselves - by far the most popular game mode in UFC is Career Mode.

AS UFC 4 looks to build on the immersive career experience of UFC 3, EA has released a brand new trailer offering an in-depth look at the new features!

WATCH NOW – UFC 4 new Career Mode Trailer

You’ve heard what to expect, even read our interview with EA’s Creative Director Brian Hayes, but have you seen it in action?

Well now you can – check out the all-new UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer below!

It looks as if EA has really built upon the immersion of UFC 3 Career Mode, taking it to a whole new level in UFC 4!

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Keep reading as we take you through a more in-depth look at each new Career Mode feature.

New Fighter Evolution System

One of the most noteworthy changes to Career Mode in UFC 4 is the implementation of the all-new Fighter Evolution System.

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CRAFT YOUR STYLE: Your fighting style will evolve in real time as you fight and spar

Gone are the days of practising drills for a set output - instead the new training sparring system awards your fighter with Evolution Points to upgrade attributes.

In addition, whether you're sparring or fighting, using a move often will literally improve it in real-time - as you get better at the move, the movement and technicality will also improve.

Minor League Expereince

When you first start up your Career Mode, you'll be introduced to a new amateur MMA opening sequence in which you'll be led through tutorials with Coach Davis.

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STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM: Take your fighter from the minor leagues to the UFC

Depending on how well you perform in these trials will determine what contract you're offered from the start of your career.

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UFC 4 features a full WFA minor league simulation and if you choose to, you can even remain in the minor leagues for your entire career!

More Career Control

UFC 3 was a step towards a more immersive Career Mode and it looks like UFC 4 will build on that.

Interactive Social Media

The new interactive social media system allows you to respond to social media callouts from other fighters.

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TWEET 'EM MEAN: Respond to social media callouts in a positive or negative manner

Your relationship with that fighter will vary depending on your response.

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Respond positively and create a friendship that might result in training discounts and more, or respond negatively and create a rivalry to build hype for a fight.

Decline Fight Offers

For the first time ever, gamers will be able to turn down fight offers from the UFC.

If you don't think you're ready to face a certain calibre of opponent, or your fighter needs more time to recover after their last fight, then declining a fight offer could be the best option.

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MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW: You don't want to come up against the likes of Adesanya if you're not ready

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Of course, if you turn down too many fight offers then there will be consequences and the UFC may even rescind your contract and relegate you back to the minor leagues!

Create a Fighter

This year, there's more customisation options on offer than ever.

Hair, Tattoos and Apparel

You can choose from new hair styles, facial hair and tattoos and boy are there some whacky new options.

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In addition, there's a load of new vanity fight apparel and accessories that range from slick new short designs all the way to wearing a full lion headdress!

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FIGHT IN...STYLE? There are some seriously crazy looks to choose from

Virtually every vanity item is unlockable via engagement (no items affect gameplay or attributes).

Fight in any Weight Class

The new Universal Avatar System means that your created fighter is available in every weight class automatically, so you can enjoy using your fighter against a full range of opponents!

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WE'LL TAKE THE LOT: Fight in any weight class with your created fighter

In addition, EA has introduced a new Fighter Archetype system allows for more flexibility in your fighting style.

To read more about UFC 4, including release date, gameplay changes, platforms and more, head here.

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