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UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer Breakdown - 7 things we learnt

The official Career Mode trailer is here for UFC 4, and there is certainly a lot to breakdown!

Here's what we learnt from the footage, and what we're looking forward to come August.

UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer Breakdown

This trailer may have been only a few minutes, but it certainly packed a punch.

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Press conferences can go wild!

If you're a fan of UFC, you'll no doubt have experience some of the more 'heated' press conferences.

Ever wondered what it's like to step to Nate Diaz? Well in UFC 4 you can do it from the safety of your own home!

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"YEAH? WELL JUST WAIT TO FIND OUT WHICH PERK I'M USING!" - Fighting words will no doubt be exchanged!

We wonder if some of the famous fighters have their voices in the game too?

You can start Social Media 'Beefs'

Using the in-game social media system, you can respond and interact with fighters to start 'beefs' and rivalries!

On the other hand, you can also befriend fighters and invite them to train with you, so you can learn from them.

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CALM DOWN! Enter a twitter-style back and forth with fighters in the game, much like in real life

It looks like you can choose how to respond to the 'tweets' from other fighters - another awesome example of the variety of choices in the new game.

You get to work with Coach Davis

First up we get a great shot of coach Davis, who's going to be your mentor as you journey to becoming the champ.

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BIG LEAGUES: A great shot of coach talking directly to the camera really brings the player into the experience

It looks like we're going to see a much more emotionally connected career mode experience this time around.

We don't want to disappoint coach Davis, but perhaps one of our choices later down the line might. We imagine he'll be there to check you when things are starting to snowball out of control.

You can work on Five different Sparring Techniques

We now know there are 5 different sparring techniques which your fighter can master, in the all-new fighter evolution system.

From what we've seen, they include Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling, Heavy Bag, and one other we didn't see in the trailer.

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BAG SOME STARS: Heavy Bag is just one of the techniques you can use to evolve your fighter

This really showcases some of the depth you can go into when evolving your fighter. Here we can see a huge variety of kicks and knees, and by the looks of it, there's even more!

You can get perks for your fighter

We learnt that you can earn 'evolution points' as you level up, which will allow you to purchase perks.

ufc 4 career mode trailer 2
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CRAZY LEGS? Some of the perks look pretty wild!

We saw three perks in the trailer - Crazy Legs, Fast Hands and Marathoner.

These perks affect how much stamina is consumed, and how quick or accurate the fighter's strikes are.

You can get injured in training

If you thought you could just go all out in the training camp, think again. Getting injured in the game is a very serious threat, so train with some restraint!

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MY LIVER! Jorge Masvidal delivers a seriously painful blow in the trailer

You can also get injured in matches if you take a fight without proper preparation.

Again, planning and being strategic with your decisions looks to be the name of the game with UFC 4 career mode.

You can become the villain

If you want to build notoriety you can do so by knocking out your training partners, and blasting them on social media.

You'll even get a scene much like the film 'Warrior' when someone secretly tapes the incident!

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FILMED IN SECRET: True to real life, these videos can be shared on social media to disastrous consequences

Much like in the UFC there are fighters are 'notorious' and it does build hype for their fights.

Use this tactic to your advantage, or just see how crazy the consequences are!

Again - the choice is yours!

UFC 4 releases on 14 August 2020 for Xbox One and PS4. You can pre-order it by following the link below.

PRE-ORDER NOW: UFC 4 for Xbox One and PS4

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