The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack Review - A Wonderfully Mundane DLC

The Sims community may be eager to hear news on The Sims 5, but EA has just released a new Sims 4 DLC!

The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack arrived on 28 July - keep reading to see what we made of it.

After a great but pretty overwhelming previous expansion, Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting was really refreshing.

This stuff pack comes with some new CAS and Build options, which are my exact aesthetic might I add.

The main aspect is, of course, knitting. Now, I've tried time and time again in real life to knit but it never works out, so I couldn't wait to get stuck into this new DLC!

Getting Started

You'll have to purchase a yarn basket in-game and put it in the desired sim's inventory to get started.

Evidently, it's pretty easy to kickstart your new hobby.

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ROCKIN' AROUND: The new rocking chair is a great addition to the game

We also finally have a rocking chair which you can knit, read and even nap in - a great addition which is perfect for those new Sim parents getting no sleep!

Skill Progression

As your Sim becomes more skilled at knitting, you'll unlock new creations.

Your Sim will start out knitting socks and beanies which as you level the skill will turn into planters, rugs and more.

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They can wear their creations and donate or sell them.


You'll sell your creations on 'Plopsy' - The Sims version of Etsy.

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CASHING CHEQUES: Make money from your new hobby on Plopsy

Plopsy is actually available to multiple different craft creations like flower arrangements, potions, woodworking objects, paintings, and candles.

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As well as selling on Plopsy you can buy NPC made items too.

But is it any good?

There isn't a huge amount of content in this pack but what it lacks in that it makes up for in fun and just relaxation really!

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GET KNITTIN’: The new stuff pack was voted for by the community

Whether you're knitting your kids' toys or making the hubby a new sweater, it gives The Sims a more lifelike feel due to the wonderful mundaneness of it.

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This pack was a great addition and I love the fact that EA actually got the community to vote and help out, I hope they continue to do so.

Final Verdict

To summarise, this pack was brilliant - you can make some money on Plopsy, there's a brand new skill/hobby and it's great fun for your sims!


  • New hobby/skill
  • An easy-going and relaxing aspect
  • Creates more of a sense of reality in the game


  • Create a Sim (CAS) options could've been ALOT better



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