Roblox Best Game Modes 2020: Natural Disaster Survival, Theme Park Tycoon and More!

Roblox has a host of different game modes for all kinds of players.

Whether your a fan of strategy games or first-person shooters, Roblox has something for you.

Roblox is currently available on the Xbox One, Mobile and PC.

However, with the release of the Xbox Series X later this year, we can expect a new version of the game to launch on this system.

What are Game Modes?

Game modes are the different game types and lobbies in which the players interact and play.

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FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Roblox is free and easy to access, meaning anyone can play!

This can range from casual chat rooms to all out war.

Anyone who plays Roblox can design, create and share their own game mode/world.

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This is what makes Roblox amazing, and gives the game an amazing, well-integrated community.

Best Modes

So, what are the best modes? Below, we list our top 3 picks.

Natural Disaster Survival

This Disaster Island works as a "Battle Royale" style mode. However, instead of fighting each other, you'll be fighting against the weather.

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COSMETICS - The Wonder Women outfit has released in Roblox and looks awesome!

On the island, you'll find different weather systems such as hurricanes, earth quakes and floods.

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Use the environment and structures to outplay your enemies and be the last one alive

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Many Roblox game modes involve some sort of "management" based experience.

Theme park Tycoon 2 can be compared to games like Sims, Cities Skylines and other management games such as Zoo Tycoon.

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This is a great alternative to other full release titles, as a lot of the features are very similar.


Last but not least, Jailbreak!

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ON THE RUN - Escape from the prison, and run from the police in the Jailbreak game mode!

If you're a fan of GTA Roleplay, you'll feel right at home here.

Choose between playing a Police Officer or a Criminal. As the Criminals, you'll be working your way out of the Prison, while the officers stop you.

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You'll need a keycard to escape, so finding this key is the main objective for the prisoners.

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