Is Roblox Coming to Nintendo Switch? - Current Platforms, Next-gen, Content and More!

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Roblox's awesome game modes and addictive gameplay will keep you entertained for hours!

With the launch of the Next-gen consoles later this year, we'll see Roblox expand onto a new platform.

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We hope to see Roblox expand onto more platforms after the Xbox Series X, possibly onto platforms such as PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Release?

For now, Roblox is not available on Nintendo Switch devices.

roblox music
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FRIENDS AND FAMILY - It's easy to pick up Roblox, so you can enjoy the game with friends and family.


If it's portability you're looking for, Roblox is available on Mobile.

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Bringing the game to the Switch platform would increase the player base massively, so its unfortunate nothing is planned.

Current Platforms

Roblox is currently available on Xbox One, Mobile and PC devices.

Is Roblox on Xbox Series X
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GREAT ESCAPE - Roblox has some epic game modes for you to experience!


As the game is cross-platform, the player base is huge and well integrated.

Some of the game modes are based on aim and precision, so players on PC definitely get a good advantage.

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We can also expect Roblox to launch on next-gen consoles later in the year.


The next-gen consoles are set to release later this year with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X!

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DUALSENSE - The new PS5 controller will have some awesome new features!


These consoles will bring new software and hardware for games to utilise.

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Roblox will be launching on the Xbox Series X, but a PS5 release seems unlikely.

This will create more realistic environments, as well as an increase in resolution and frame rate.

Hopefully, we'll get some news of a Nintendo Switch release when Roblox launches on more platforms.

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