Best sneakers under 100 - Our top picks for 2023

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The price of shoes can be quite daunting to look at, especially as the price tags only seem to be going up right now, but our list of the best sneakers under 100 should help you fill out your footwear collection for less.

It's not even the case of having to turn to lesser-known brands to find sneakers under 100 dollars or pounds either, as the best sneaker brands, like Nike and adidas, do have a selection of footwear that falls within this price range.


As a result, we've put together a list of our top budget picks from this year based on their designs and any other unique features that make these shoes stand out as worthy of a place in your wardrobe.

Whether you're searching for some of the best basketball shoes around in these "Signal Blue" Jordan Luka 1s, or you're after a classic pair of white trainers, like these "Jurassic World" Reeboks, we've got you covered right here.

We've also tackled some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding sneakers under the 100 mark to help you figure out the right shoes for you and where you can buy them. Before that though, let's get into our list...

Best sneakers under 100

Nike Court Vision Low "White Electric Purple"

Brand: Nike | Model: Court Vision | Colour: White / Light Curry / Electric Purple

We're kicking things off with these "White Electric Purple" Court Vision Lows which may seem familiar if you're a fan of Nike sneakers. That's because their design and silhouette are almost exact copies of one of Nike's most popular models - the Air Force 1.


However, as touched on in our Air Force 1 vs Court Vision guide, these sneakers are actually significantly cheaper by comparison despite their almost identical aesthetic.

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To keep costs down, Nike has forgone the Air bubbles in the midsoles and used synthetic leather to construct the uppers. This design, in particular, utilises a white base combined with Electric Purple Swooshes and Light Curry laces.

So, while you may not get all the bells and whistles of some of the best Air Force 1s, we still feel these sneakers are worth considering if you're after shoes like AF1s, but can't afford the more expensive price tag.

Jordan Luka 1 "Signal Blue"

Brand: Nike | Model: Luka 1 | Colour: Black / Metallic Silver / Signal Blue

Whether you're looking to hit the court or you're simply after a striking pair of basketball shoes for everyday wear, we feel these "Signal Blue" Luka 1s are worth checking out.


Technology-wise, they're equipped with Formula 23 foam in the midsoles to absorb impact and propel you during take-off or during side-to-side movements such as crossovers and defensive slides like Luka Dončić himself.

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The sneakers also come with IsoPlate foot frames which, according to Nike, should further improve your multi-directional play by giving you greater lateral and forward support.

While these features are designed with basketball in mind, they should also help you remain comfortable if you choose to wear them every day, thus making them well worth considering in our eyes.

Reebok Club C Revenge "Jurassic World"

Brand: Reebok | Model: Club C Revenge | Colour: Spirit White / Metallic Silver / Track Gold

Typically a feature of some of the best sneakers for summer, white shoes are pretty much must-have item in almost any sneaker collection. Their versatility to match almost any outfit really helps them become essential.


With this in mind, we feel these "Jurassic World" Club C Revenges from Reebok are definitely worth considering if you're after some almost entirely white shoes for less.

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Whilst the textile uppers come dressed primarily in white, the shoes do feature a couple of colourful details. For instance, the outsoles are dressed in Track Gold, plus the interior looks to be made from black fabric.

Interestingly, the sneakers also feature reflective details along the side panels to really make these shoes stand out on your feet, especially at night.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Alt "Black White"

Brand: Converse | Model: Chuck Taylor All-Star | Colour: Black / White

We feel it's hard to find many shoes better suited to everyday wear than a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars; however, a regular pair of high-tops will usually cost over the $100 limit for this list.


That's where these "Black White" Alts come in which reimagine the classic design and can be found for a relatively inexpensive price depending on where you look.

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The design is actually inspired by an astronaut's suit and includes removable star ankle patches for a little more customisation. The midsoles are different too, featuring textured rubber that reads "Far from Chuck" on the toe bumper.

Underneath, you'll find a unique orange marble effect to match the stitched tags on the sides and to round off the nostalgic but futuristic look of these high-top sneakers.

As a result, we feel these sneakers are some of the best Converse shoes around right now, especially with their attractive price tag.

adidas Supernova "Cloud White"

Brand: adidas | Model: Supernova | Colour: Cloud White / Core Black / Dash Grey

adidas' Boost foam is arguably some of the most comfortable cushioning around, but if you can't quite stretch your budget for a pair of Ultraboosts, then we'd recommend checking out these "Cloud White" Supernovas.

They feature Boost foam in both the forefoot area and heels, which then combine with Bounce technology to maximise comfort and should give you a better energy return if, for example, you chose to wear these sneakers running.

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If you are looking to use them as running shoes, then it's worth noting that they weigh just 320g (UK 8.5), so you shouldn't feel weighed down as you chase down PRs one run at a time.


They're also built sustainably, with the uppers made from Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials, which, as a result, means 50% of the uppers are made from recycled content - a nice added bonus for what we believe are a great pair of shoes.

Frequently asked questions about sneakers under 100

Looking for a solid pair of sneakers on a budget can be tough and may even lead to several questions. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

Where can you buy the best sneakers under 100?

Generally speaking, you should be able to pick up almost any pair of sneakers you're after through the manufacturer in question's website or at an in-person store.

You should also be able to find most shoes at outlets like Footlocker which offer a wide variety of brands to choose from if you're unsure which one to go with specifically.

However, if you arrive at a store and find out that the sneakers you're looking for are sold out, then we'd recommend checking out resale marketplaces like StockX or GOAT.


Both companies authenticate every purchase you make to ensure the second-hand shoes you're buying are legitimate to stop you from spending money on counterfeits.

For more information on this, make sure you check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

What are the best brands for buying sneakers under 100?

Most major shoe and sportswear brands will have a selection of footwear under the $100 mark; however, you may not be able to find some of their most popular sneakers in this price range.

For instance, almost all Air Jordans retail for more than $100 these days as they're some of the most highly sought-after shoes around.

That said, we've shown in our list that Nike, the brand behind Jordans, do make relatively expensive sneakers as well like the aforementioned Court Visions and Luka 1s.

So, while you may not be able to pick up the most popular sneakers under $100, you should still be able to find a pair of shoes from most major brands that work with your budget.