Best Vans Shoes 2022: Our Top Picks From The Latest Releases

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If you're looking for the best Vans shoes, you've come to the right place.

We've compiled a list of some of our favourite and standout sneakers from one of the most revolutionary shoe brands based in the heart of California.

Due to the number of outstanding Vans sneakers released over the years though, with more still to come with the upcoming "Hellfire" Stranger Things Old Skools, we've narrowed our search down to some of the company's most recent designs.


That being said, we feel Vans' latest releases have been some of the best yet, with several of its shoes featuring in and amongst some of the best sneakers for summer, such as the new Spunge x Vans Authentics, thanks to their timeless designs and iconic silhouettes.

With that in mind, whether you're looking for a new pair of Old Skools, like these Anderson .Paak "Capers", or you're after some comfortable slip-on shoes, like these "Rainbow Foxing" Vans, we've got you covered right here.

We've also answered a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Vans to help you make a decision on which model is right for your style.

So, without further delay, here is our list of the best Vans shoes available now.

Best Vans Shoes


Best Vans Shoes - Anderson .Paak x Vans Old Skool 36 Capers

Best Vans shoes Anderson .Paak Old Skool 36 product image of a caper coloured low-top with white details.
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Credit: Vans

The coming together of music and sneakers has been happening for years and is only set to continue with artists like DJ Khaled teaming with Nike to release shoes like the upcoming "We The Best" Jordan 5s.


For this collaboration though, Vans has partnered with Anderson .Paak, one of the biggest names in rap right now, to release, in our opinion, some of the best sneakers around.

The "Capers" Old Skools particularly stand out thanks to their dark green and white colour scheme combined with bright pops of orange and yellow across the custom insoles and lining.

Moreover, you get a detailed graphic of Anderson .Paak on the tongues that, not only make these Vans unique, but also adds appeal to fans of his music.

Ultimately, we feel these Anderson .Paak Old Skools are well worth considering if you're after something a little different with the familiarity of the Old Skool silhouette.

Best Vans Old Skool Shoes - Vans Old Skool Black White

Best Vans shoes Old Skool product image of a pair of black and white sneakers on feet.
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Credit: Schuh

Speaking of Old Skools, we feel you can't go wrong with a classic pair of the black and white Old Skool Vans.


Although we did say we'd focus on some of Vans' more recent releases, we believe no list of the best Vans is complete without mentioning one of the most iconic designs in the history of sneakers.

Their simple two-tone colour scheme combined with their timeless design make these Old Skools some of the easiest shoes to match to any outfit.

As a result, it was only right to include the Black White Old Skool Vans in our list when talking about some of the best Vans.

Best Vans Era Shoes - Vans Era Camp Positive

Best Vans shoes Era product image of a pair of bright blue, orange, and yellow sneakers with an abstract positive pattern.
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Credit: Vans

From simple to stand out, these "Camp Positive" Eras feature a bold multi-coloured print inspired by images of joy and happiness.


For instance, you'll find yellow peace signs and the word "LOVE" spread across the uppers.

Vans also nod to their classic checkerboard pattern by including small sections of it across the toe boxes, heels, and sides to contrast the mainly bright orange and blue colour scheme.

All in all, we feel the "Camp Positive" Eras combine a great message with a fantastic look, thus earning them a place on our list.

Best Vans Authentic Shoes - Vans Authentic 44 DX Anaheim Factory Barbed Wire Black

Best Vans shoes Authentic 44 DX Anaheim Factory product image of a black pair of sneakers with a barbed wire pattern.
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Credit: Size?

The "Barbed Wire " Authentics are a classic example of Vans taking a vintage model and modernising it with a bold design and technological improvements.


For example, these sneakers feature Ortholite sock liners which are designed to greatly enhance comfort for all-day wear.

In terms of their design though, the shoes take on the classic black and white colour scheme but add a barbed wire print all over in reference to the first Vans factory in Anaheim, California.

The finished product is definitely eyecatching and certainly one of the best Authentic releases as of late.

Best Vans Sk8-Hi Shoes - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon x Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked

Best Vans shoes Sk8-Hi Stacked product image of a pair of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon-themed white sneakers.
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Credit: Vans

Vans has been particularly busy with its collaborations this year, however, one of the most intriguing partnerships we've seen so far has been Vans' collaboration with the hit Japanese tokusatsu television series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Out of the collection, these Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sk8-His are real head-turners thanks to their oversized midsoles and bow-tie graphics across the collars.

However, they don't massively move away from what makes the Sk8-His so great, especially with the predominately white colour scheme, which helps make them particularly great and one's to consider adding to your sneaker collection.

Best Vans Classic Slip-On Shoes - Vans Classic Slip-On Rainbow Foxing

Best Vans shoes Classic Slip-On product image of a single white sneaker with rainbow accents.
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Credit: Vans

Slip-on Vans are some of the most convenient shoes around and a great addition to any sneaker set.


Out of some of the more recent releases though, these "Rainbow Foxing" Slip-Ons particularly stand out thanks to their multi-coloured accents.

To contrast the white base, you get a brightly coloured stripe around the midsoles dressed in all the colours of the rainbow.

This then matches the Vans tags on the laterals which really make these sneakers stand out, therefore making them some of the best Vans around right now in our opinion.

Best Vans Shoe Collaboration - Joe Freshgoods x Vans Old Skool Honeymoon Stage Red

Best Vans shoes Joe Freshgoods x Vans Old Skool Honeymoon Stage product image of a single red and white sneaker with a checkerboard pattern.
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Credit: Vans

The Joe Freshgoods x Vans Old Skools look to be a great example of collaborating done right.


We love this red and white variation because of its bright colour scheme and classic checkerboard pattern which has been a staple of Vans sneakers ever since they first came out.

The sneakers also come with Joe Freshgoods initials along the sides vulcanised rubber outsoles topped with yellow stripes to complete the classic skate design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vans Shoes

With Vans being one of the biggest names in the sneaker space, there are usually a ton of questions asked about its shoes.

Don't worry though because we've cleared up some of the most common queries right here.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Vans?

Unlike some of the best Yeezys around, Vans tend to be relatively straightforward and easy to buy.


Therefore, the first place we'd recommend going to pick up a new pair would be from the Vans store directly.

If you're searching for a particularly limited and highly sought-after release though, then we'd suggest checking out the resale market at StockX if you miss out on the chance to pick up the sneakers whilst they're in stock.

For more information, check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

How Do You Lace Vans Shoes?

There are many ways of lacing a pair of Vans as touched on in our guide to lacing Vans shoes.

However, the main method is called the "Cross-Lace" technique and involves creating a bar between the first eyelets to start.

Then, take one length and thread it through the next eyelet up diagonally opposite before doing the same with the second length.

Repeat these steps until you reach the top and tie the two lengths together.


How Do You Clean Vans Shoes?

With Vans typically being made from canvas cotton, they can be tricky to clean at times if you don't know how.

Fortunately, the best technique is, in our opinion, relatively simple to follow and involves brushing away any loose dirt and debris to begin.

Next, you'll want to begin to gently scrub the surfaces of your shoes with a damp cloth and a touch of shoe cleaner. An old toothbrush can also be used to target any harder-to-reach areas.

Once you're satisfied your shoes are clean, leave them to dry naturally and they'll be ready to be worn again. Check out our guide on cleaning Vans shoes for more top tips.

Are Vans Comfortable?

Generally speaking, Vans should provide a comfortable fit all day long thanks to their lightweight and breathable design.


In fact, Vans boasts its sturdy rubber soles and flexible canvas construction are what make its sneakers ideal for walking in as well as stylish.

That said, it's important you get the fit right if you want your Vans to be comfortable. Check out our guide on measuring your shoe size to help you find the right size Vans for your feet.

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