V10 R-League Round 3 Winners & Losers: Specialist drivers shine as others falter

The V10 R-League travelled to one of racing's most famous and difficult venues last night, the Nordschleife.

The Green Hell served up the most action-packed round we've seen so far. Even the most experienced drivers struggled to get to grip with the long and demanding circuit.

Which teams and drivers shone and who faltered at the Nurburgring? We've got all the low and highlights below!

Winner: Laurin Heinrich

Most teams opted for their usual line-ups, but others like BMW drafted in specialist drivers for this round. Laurin Heinrich is one of the fastest sim racers in the world around the Nordschleife and it showed yesterday.

BMW Racing Point Nordschleife V10 R-League Round 3
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EAT MY DUST: Heinrich was unbelievably fast at the Nordschleife last night

Heinrich was pitted against Racing Point's Shanaka Clay for the head-to-head round. The German was in a league of his own, beating Clay by over seven seconds over just one lap.

Heinrich was handed an impossible task in the relay race, having a deficit of around three minutes after Blakeley and Siggy's contact. Heinrich would also win the team's race, giving BMW a 2-1 series victory over Racing Point.

Loser: Fordzilla

Fordzilla began this meeting at the bottom of the standings and that's exactly where they remained after another pointless day.

Fordzilla Nordschleife V10 R-League Round 3
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ForSLIPPING DOWN: Fordzilla had another weekend to forget in Germany

Fordzilla were handed arguably the easiest tie in the competition, as they faced the brand new Yas Heat team. After taking a point away from Red Bull in the opening round though, the wheels have fallen off Fordzilla's wagon.

Ruben Rodriguez had been one of the bright sparks of the team, but even he couldn't win his head-to-head, coming off worse after contact with Heat's Eamon Murphy.

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Pablo Lopez also tried his best, but couldn't beat Jaroslav Honzik, giving Heat a 1-0 series lead. The relay race was another close contest, with Heat coming out on top thanks to their lower downforce setup.

Fordzilla at least avoided being clean swept this week though, as the relay race was a 13-13 tie. Still though, a 2-0 loss leaves them on 1 point and bottom of the championship.

Winner: Yas Heat

Yas Heat were formed specifically for the V10 R-League but they've already picked up their first win after just three weeks of existence!

Yas Heat Jean Alesi Suzuki Brands Hatch V10 R-League Round 2
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IN THE FAST LANE: Yas Heat won their first ever contest yesterday

It didn't come easily though, as Fordzilla were desperate to catch the pack in the standings. Honzik and Murphy were excellent in their head-to-head rounds, deciding this point in favour of Heat after just two contests.

The relay race was a tight contest but one that Heat won thanks to their lower drag setup. Murphy crossing the line first and winning the contest in favour of Heat 2-0.

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The team's race was a tie but Heat had places 2-3-4, only Fordzilla's Pablo Lopez prevented this being a perfect score and a clean sweep for Heat.

The result means that Heat now stand on four points and are level with Red Bull in 4th place in the standings!

Loser: Joni Tormala

Red Bull had been performing below their usual top-level standards so far and things didn't get any easier as they took on Porsche24 Redline yesterday.

Red Bull Porsche Nordschleife V10 R-League Round 3
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OVER THE LINE: Red Bull were fast but prone to making mistakes

Porsche had a perfect score before last night's events and credit to Red Bull is due, as they took a point off the German team. It could've perhaps been more for Red Bull though, had it not been for mistakes from Joni Tormala.

The Nordschleife is one of the most difficult circuits to learn, so mistakes were common yesterday. Tormala's were costly though, the Finn's mistake in the head-to-head gave Porsche the championship point.

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Credit to Tormala though, he did a good job in the relay race, keeping as close as he could down the long back-straight.

Red Bull would get a point back in the team's race though, but it could've easily been a whitewash after another wide moment for Tormala dropped him down the order.

Tormala clearly has speed, but he needs to produce better consistency if Red Bull are to challenge at the top of the table.

The Next Round

The V10 R-League returns to Italy for the next round of the season. Round 4 will be held at Vallelunga on 28 September at 7pm BST.

The entire Season 1 of V10 R-League will be shown on BT Sport 2 in the UK.

Those in the US can watch on ESPN3, while in the Middle East it will be available on STARZPLAY Arabia.

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