V10 R-League Round 2 Winners & Losers: Porsche takes the lead as BMW get off their marks

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The second round of the inaugural V10 R-League championship was even more entertaining than the first!

Brands Hatch served up four ties that were full of wheel-to-wheel action and stewarding controversy.

But which teams and drivers left the famous Kent circuit happy? And who was left licking their wounds after a tough day?

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Winner: Porsche24 RedLine

Who else can we start with other than the new leaders in the championship?

Porsche Fordzilla Brands Hatch Round 2 V10 R-League
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TOP DOGS: Porsche climbed to the summit of the R-League standings after a clean sweep


Porsche were one of only two teams that collected a perfect score from the opening week in Monza. After Williams dropped a point to Yas Heat in the first Brands tie, Porsche24 RedLine had the perfect opportunity to strike.

Porsche's opponents were Fordzilla, a team that was keen to make up for only scoring a single point at Monza. Pablo Lopez and Michal Smidl won their head-to-head ties to give Porsche a 1-0 lead into the relay race.

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The relay race was incredibly close in the early stages, as Fordzilla led but only by less than a second. Fordzilla's Ruben Rodriguez crossed the line first but his team were given a time penalty for abusing track limits.

Porsche led the series 2-0 but they were behind on-track in the team's race. Fordzilla won the race but were handed more penalties, handing Porsche the victory 17-9 and a perfect 3-0 series win.

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With the backing of the experienced Redline outfit, they're definitely one of the favourites for the series win overall.

Loser: Fordzilla

If there's any team that will want to put Brands Hatch far behind them, it's Fordzilla.

Fordzilla Brands Hatch Round 2 V10 R-League
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ONE TO FORGET: It was a poor day for Fordzilla


Fordzilla were swept away 3-0 by Porsche and after only scoring one point at Monza, they're now bottom of the standings.

It wasn't due to lack of pace though, rather penalties that were applied post-race. Fordzilla lost the head-to-head contest 2-1 and it couldn't have been tighter.

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Despite winning both the relay and team's race on-track, Fordzilla lost those contests because of post-race time penalties. All four of the penalties were for abusing track limits, something that esports drivers should be above.

One crumb of comfort for Fordzilla is that it's currently only two more points up to Red Bull and BMW on three points. Ruben Rodriguez was also very impressive on his debut in the series.

Winner: Kevin Siggy

BMW's Kevin Siggy seriously impressed on his Monza debut and continued his excellent form into Brands Hatch.

Screenshot grs v10r ks brands hatch 11 9 120 11 18 34 min
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LEADING FROM THE FRONT: Siggy was on fire again at Brands


BMW drew a blank in Italy but scored a perfect three points at Brands, thanks in part to Siggy's incredible pace.

The Slovene did get a bit lucky though, a poor start in the head-to-head allowed Giovanni De Salvo to spectacularly took the lead around the outside into Turn 1.

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Siggy couldn't regain his lead back on-track but a penalty for De Salvo handed the BMW man the win. Siggy's fantastic pace held Turato at bay in the opening stint of the relay race, one that BMW would go on to win.

BMW completed the clean sweep thanks in part to Siggy's electric pace. De Salvo led the race and was later handed another penalty but without Siggy being on the Italian's gearbox by the finish, Suzuki would've got a point back.

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BMW and Siggy are definitely riding high going into their home race next week.

Loser: Giovanni De Salvo

Jean Alesi Suzuki were another team that had a week to forget and Giovanni De Salvo in particular will be kicking himself.

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REELING: Suzuki were another team that fell foul of the stewards


De Salvo had fantastic pace all day but it came at a price. The Italian flew around the outside of Kevin Siggy in their head-to-head to take the lead into Turn 1. However, the Suzuki man was given a penalty for going off-track to carry out the manoeuvre.

Commentators Ben Daly and Nic Hamilton couldn't believe that De Salvo had been given that penalty, but the Italian did put all four wheels off the track to complete the move.

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In fairness to De Salvo though, he was unlucky, the Italian driver had unbelievable race pace in the relay race. De Salvo reduced the BMW's lead to less than two seconds from over five seconds in just three laps.

De Salvo would win the team's race ahead of Siggy, but Giovanni would once again pick up a time penalty for abusing track limits. It was a bad day for Suzuki, but also for De Salvo.

The Next Round

The next round of the season will be held at the mighty Nordschleife on 21 September at 7pm BST.

The entire Season 1 of V10 R-League will be shown on BT Sport 2 in the UK.

Those in the US can watch on ESPN3, while in the Middle East it will be available on STARZPLAY Arabia.