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15 Apr 2021

Catch all the V10 R-League action wherever you are!

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UK & Ireland

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ESPN subscribers

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Middle East & North Africa

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Full V10 R-League Season 2 schedule

The second season of V10 R-League is here and the fast-paced racing is already creating amazing on-track drama.

Motorsport fans around the world are all wondering how they can get in on the action, well we have the answers here!!

UK & Ireland

Fans in the UK & Ireland can catch all the races on BT Sport.

Subscribers will get every race, but you don't need to be a subscriber to get some of the races.

The match of the week will air on BT Sport 2 at 8pm BST every Monday.

From Tuesday to Thursday, matches will be releases on the BT Sport website for FREE at 4pm BST.

Make sure to follow V10 R-League channels across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for further content.

ESPN subscribers

ESPN is expanding its coverage of the V10 R-League in Season 2.

Fans in the USA can watch races at 6pm EST on ESPN3 from Monday to Thursday.

The following territories will get the races the next day: Canada, the Netherlands, Latin America, and Oceania.

Be sure to check local listings for exact times, as well as video-on-demand services for replays!

Middle East & North Africa

Those following the V10 R-League in the MENA region will be able to watch the action on StarzPlay Arabia.

Check listings for scheduling.

Full V10 R-League Season 2 schedule

The V10 R-League is working a little differently this season. The addition of McLaren Shadow and R8G Esports has seen the league split into two divisions, which will then give us a playoff bracket in the run-up to a grand final.

*All dates for UK release

Round 1

Monday 12 April - Aston Martin vs R8G Esports (Group A)

Tuesday 13 April - Williams vs JAESA Suzuki (Group B)

Wednesday 14 April - Redline vs YAS Heat (Group A)

Thursday 15 April - BMW vs Fordzilla (Group B)

Round 2

Monday 19 April - BMW vs Williams (Group B)

Tuesday 20 April - Red Bull Racing vs Redline (Group A)

Wednesday 21 April - YAS Heat vs Aston Martin (Group A)

Thursday 22 April - McLaren Shadow vs Fordzilla (Group B)

Round 3

Monday 26 April - Williams vs McLaren Shadow (Group B)

Tuesday 27 April - R8G Esports vs YAS Heat (Group A)

Wednesday 28 April - Aston Martin vs Red Bull Racing (Group A)

Thursday 29 April - JAESA Suzuki vs BMW (Group B)

Round 4

Monday 3 May - R8G Esports vs Redline (Group A)

Tuesday 4 May - BMW vs McLaren Shadow (Group B)

Wednesday 5 May - YAS Heat vs Red Bull Racing (Group A)

Thursday 6 May - JAESA Suzuki vs Fordzilla (Group B)

Round 5

Monday 10 May - Fordzilla vs Williams (Group B)

Tuesday 11 May - Redline vs Aston Martin (Group A)

Wednesday 12 May - Red Bull Racing vs R8G Esports (Group A)

Thursday 13 May - McLaren Shadow vs JAESA Suzuki (Group B)

Playoffs (Subject to change)

Monday 17 May - 3rd Group A vs 2nd Group B (Round 1, Match 1)

Tuesday 18 May - 3rd Group B vs 2nd Group A (Round 1, Match 2)

Wednesday 19 May - 1st Group A vs winner Round 1, Match 1 (SF1)

Thursday 20 May - 1st Group B vs winner Round 1, Match 2 (SF2)

FINAL (Subject to change)

Monday 24 May - winner SF1 vs winner SF2

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