PS5: Disturbing trailer spells out the end for PS4

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Sony randomly dropped a new trailer named "Feel The Power Of PlayStation", and it confused the vast majority of the gaming community.

This was because it didn't directly hint at anything to do with the upcoming PS5 reveal event, nor anything about the new DualShock 5 controllers, the console's design or the exclusive titles.

Continue below as we work out exactly what this trailer is meant to be.

The trailer actually fails to mention ANYTHING to do with the upcoming next-gen console - a bizarre move on behalf of the Japanese publisher.

Check the full 6-minute trailer out below:

Instead of hinting at some of the upcoming PS5 titles, the trailer seems to focus on PS4 exclusives and leaving subliminal messages for the PlayStation community.

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The beating heart (featuring PlayStation's iconic button layout) seems to imply that PlayStation is 'fueled by the hearts of the players'.

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Alternatively, the trailer could hold a cryptic message about the backwards-compatibility of the PS5, but we already knew that this would feature in the console thanks to a series of recent leaks.

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Then again, all of these theories could be way off, and the beating heart could just be something Valentine's Day related.

It's pretty hard to tell, and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

What we do know, however, is that the PS5 is set to be revealed at an event at some point this month and that pre-orders for the console could go live as early as March.

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