NBA 2K23 VC Glitch, easy passive grind method using MyNBA Eras explained

Just weeks after launch, an NBA 2K23 VC Glitch has appeared that can help players rack up virtual currency with minimal effort.

We've got details on how this NBA 2K23 VC Glitch works and every step you'll need to use this easy passive grind method to earn Virtual Currency.

NBA 2K23 VC Glitch: Easy passive grind method in MyNBA Eras

Since the launch of NBA 2K23, it's become readily apparent that VC is even harder to earn than it has been in previous years in MyTEAM and MyCAREER.

On top of that, costs to max out your MyPLAYER in MyCAREER have nearly doubled compared to last year's game.

Fortunately, one easy method to rack up Virtual Currency has already appeared, and this NBA 2K23 VC Glitch can run passively without you even playing the game.

It's not clear if this NBA 2K23 VC Glitch is intentional or something that 2K may patch out in a future update, so players may one to take advantage of it soon just in case it's removed.

NBA 2K23 VC Glitch MyNBA Eras easy free passive grind method
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KEEP IT SIMPLE: Choose the Modern Era when making your MyNBA save

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Your path to easy VC will take place in MyNBA where you need to create a new save set to the Modern Era.

Don't make any changes to the Setup screen, advance and then choose any team you want, as you'll be editing that team to ensure maximum VC.

You'll also select Auto-Generate Rookies when prompted, and then it'll be time for the first major adjustments prior to getting this method rolling.

NBA 2K23 Sliders & Settings for VC Glitch

In order to ensure maximum output, you're going to go in and edit the sliders within MyNBA for both User and CPU.

Open up the menu in MyNBA then go to Options - Tuning Sliders - CPU / User where you'll then be able to edit them.

Set every single CPU sliders to ZERO except for the Fouls section where you'll max them to 100 to increase foul frequency and ensure more free throw attempts.

NBA 2K23 VC Glitch MyNBA Eras easy free passive grind method
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RIG THE GAME: Make sure to set your sliders right for maximum VC

Tab over to User sliders and set every single one to 100 except for the Fouls section where you'll drop them to ZERO to prevent your team from incurring fouls.

Now head into Coaching - Coach Settings to set Timeout and Substitution to Manual, which will keep your own team from slowing things down.

Finally, head to Options - Settings - General and set quarter length to 12 Minutes which will increase the length of time you can keep this glitch running before having to pick back up your controller.

How to create a maximum 99 OVR roster quickly

You're almost there, but there's one other major step in setup to get things ready for this NBA 2K23 VC Glitch.

Go to Front Office - Roster, and from here you'll be editing your players in order to create the most powerful maxed out lineup possible.

Once your roster is up, press the Quick Edit button, acknowledge the pop-up, and move over until you're highlighting height.

Press the button shown on the bottom of your screen to Edit Column, and you'll be able to adjust values for every single player on your team simultaneously.

Start at height and raise every single Height to 7' 7'' before moving on to adjusting the actual player ratings for your team.

NBA 2K23 VC Glitch MyNBA Eras easy free passive grind method
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GOD MODE: Make sure you've got a team of unstoppable forces

This will take a few minutes, but the setup only needs to be done once, and things will simplify once it's done.

Keep the "Edit Column" method active, and use it to raise every single attribute for every single player on your roster to 99 OVR until you have a full roster of maxed out players.

While still in Edit Mode, notice the bottom of your screen where it'll say "Tendency View," tap the button shown there until the top of your screen says "Association: Roster Viewer: Badge View".

Once you've got Badge View open, use the Edit Column method again and raise every single player to the purple Hall of Fame Badges for every possible category.

There are a few near the end of your badges list that might not max for every player, but do as many of these as it'll allow.

How to start your passive VC grind

Now that your elaborate setup is complete, it's finally time to let NBA 2K23 do the work for you and rack up some easy VC.

In order to get this NBA 2K23 VC Glitch rolling, simply select the next game on your calendar, click Play Game, then when choosing a team move your selection icon to the center so it says "CPU."

NBA 2K23 VC Glitch MyNBA Eras easy free passive grind method
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SPECTATOR: Make sure you're centered as CPU before starting the game

It should look like you see in the above image, and this will essentially start a game as a spectator, but you'll still earn VC without actually picking up your controller to play in the game.

Once the game itself has begun, set your controller down and let things play out until the game is over, and if you want you can pick it back up to press buttons and skip through halftime or non-gameplay throughout which will speed things up just a bit.

After the final score shows and post-game cutscenes end, quit that game and you'll see VC earnings credited after it wraps up.

How fast can you earn free VC with this method?

The good news is that passive grinds don't get much easier than this once you've completed the initial setup, but it's far from the fastest NBA 2K23 VC Glitch players might hope for.

You'll earn 1100 VC in NBA 2K23 for letting MyNBA spectator games run with 12 minute quarters like we've outlined here, and the full game will take about an hour.

We haven't tested every quarter length, but the quarter length appears to rigidly indicate how much VC you'll earn for spectating a game, so shorter quarters will speed up each game but net you less VC each time.

NBA 2K23 VC Glitch free easy grind method MyNBA
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REAP THE REWARDS: Let your hard work pay off game after game

Unfortunately this NBA 2K23 VC Glitch won't reap you massive rewards, but once the setup is complete players can get this rolling on mute while working on other projects, homework, watching a movie, or playing other games on a different platform.

At approximately 1100 VC per hour, this isn't going to have you rolling in cash overnight, but it's an extremely simple way to keep a steady flow of easy Virtual Currency when you aren't actively playing NBA 2K23.

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