NBA 2K23 Ratings: Highest Rated Player, Team Ratings & Player comments

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We're starting to hear more about the NBA 2K23 ratings, especially from NBA players themselves. So what are they saying?

We're going to take a look at that and our own predictions on who the top players will be when the game is released.

We'll also take a look at the latest news surrounding the game.

Latest - Herro & Cunningham comments

Although the official NBA 2K23 ratings haven't been revealed, there were some comments by NBA players Tyler Herro and Cade Cunningham.

Each of these players noted that their overall ratings in NBA 2K23 are around 84 OVR (although this hasn't been confirmed). They both also said they hope to grow throughout the year.

NBA 2K23 ratings
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HERE WE GO: Players are beginning to reveal their NBA 2K23 ratings

Cunningham hopes to finish somewhere around 90 OVR, while Hero hopes to get to 88 OVR by the end of the year.

To check out these potential NBA 2K23 ratings and the quotes directly from the players, follow this link.

NBA 2K23 Ratings Predictions

As we learn more about the game, the next thing that should be revealed is the NBA 2K23 ratings. It will likely start with the top players instead of the team.

One player we think could lead the ratings is Stephen Curry, who was the NBA Finals MVP this season and broke numerous three-point records.

NBA 2K23 ratings
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CURRY AT NO.1: There's a good chance that Curry leads the NBA 2K23 ratings

In NBA 2K22, the highest-rated player was Giannis Antetokounmpo with a 97 OVR. However, after his performance this year, we think that Curry will end up higher on the overall list.

Let's take a look at who we think will fill out the top ten NBA 2K23 ratings.

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Top 10 NBA 2K23 Players (Predictions)

We've already mentioned that we feel Curry will lead the list. That begs the question of who else will fill out the NBA 2K23 ratings.

You have players such as Devin Booker and Nikola Jokic that could take a significant step forward. As always, Kevin Durant should find himself among the top five.

NBA 2K23 ratings
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KD RATINGS: Where do you think Kevin Durant will end up on the list

We can only predict who we might think will top the NBA 2K23 ratings, so as we mentioned this is all unconfirmed.

Here are our predictions for the top ten players in NBA 2K23:

  • Stephen Curry - 97 OVR
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo - 96 OVR
  • Joel Embiid - 96 OVR
  • Nikola Jokic - 96 OVR
  • Kevin Durant - 96 OVR
  • LeBron James - 95 OVR
  • Luka Doncic - 95 OVR
  • James Harden - 94 OVR
  • Devin Booker - 93 OVR
  • Jayson Tatum - 93 OVR

This is how we see it playing out when the NBA 2K23 ratings are finally released. Hopefully, we'll see a reveal pretty soon.

Top 10 Team Ratings in NBA 2K23 (Predictions)

The team ratings in NBA 2K23 are also another question we're all hoping will be revealed soon. Especially to see where the Warriors end up.

It'll also be interesting to see if the top-rated team ends up being over 83 OVR which is what the Brooklyn Nets are rated in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K23 ratings
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WNBA COVER REVEAL: We should receive more information on ratings tomorrow

The way we see it, the Warriors proved themselves as the best team in the NBA by winning the NBA Finals. So we think they should be at the top of the list.

Here are our predictions for the NBA 2K23 ratings of the top ten teams.

  • Golden State Warriors - 84 OVR
  • Boston Celtics - 83 OVR
  • Phoenix Suns - 83 OVR
  • Philadelphia 76ers - 83 OVR
  • Atlanta Hawks - 83 OVR
  • Chicago Bulls - 83 OVR
  • Milwaukee Bucks - 82 OVR
  • Memphis Grizzlies - 82 OVR
  • Los Angeles Lakers - 82 OVR
  • Dallas Mavericks - 81 OVR

Now that we've gotten the NBA 2K23 ratings predictions out of the way, let's take a look at the first reveal trailer featuring Michael Jordan.

NBA 2K23 Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer of NBA 2K23 was revealed earlier this week and we now know of three different editions, this includes the Michael Jordan Edition.

Along with that we've seen the Championship Edition and the WNBA Edition which is only available in GameStop.

As you can see, Jordan is going to be a big focus in NBA 2K23. There is even talk that some familiar challenges will make their way back into the game.

Prices for the editions haven't been revealed yet but we expect more news to be delivered on July 7, 2022.

NBA 2K23 Release Date

We've also received confirmation on the NBA 2K23 release date. The next installment of the popular game will be released on September 9, 2022.

You'll be able to begin placing pre orders on July 7, and hopefully, the pre order rewards will make the pre orders worth it.

NBA 2K23 ratings
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CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION: NBA League Pass is a pre order offer

We know the Championship Edition of the game is quite expensive, which we detailed here. The good news is you'll also receive NBA League Pass for an entire year.

To learn more about the prices and release date for NBA 2K23, follow this link.

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