NBA 2K23 MyNBA: Feature Reveal, Custom Rosters, MyWNBA & Latest News

There are tons of reveals going on right now but one we're excited about is the new features in NBA 2K23 MyNBA.

From Custom Rosters to how MyWNBA will be incorporated into it, we're going to go over all the new features of the game mode.

Get your General Manager hat on, it's time to take over the league.

Latest - New Eras Mode Revealed

The latest game mode announced this year is the revamp of a popular one. NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras is where you'll spend your time this year.

Courtesy of a Courtside Report, we now know that you'll traverse the best years in NBA history and can control some of the best teams in history.

The Eras begin with The Magic vs. Bird Era which has a notable spot in NBA history.

More good news is you can choose between four NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras to play.

NBA 2K23 MyNBA Features

Although we've yet to have a full trailer revealing all the details of NBA 2K23 MyNBA, we imagine that a lot of the core details will remain the same.

Things like MyGM and MyLEAGUE could receive massive updates and we're hoping for more news on what current gen systems will have available.

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NEW FEATURES: We're excited to learn exactly what NBA 2K23 MyNBA will bring

The Staff Carousel was introduced in NBA 2K22 and could return again in NBA 2K23 MyNBA. Here are the positions we expect you'll have to fill:

  • Front Office (Governor, GM, Assistant GM, CFO)
  • Coaching (Head Coach, Shot Doctor, Bigman Coach, Post Defense Coach, Perimeter Defense Coach, Guard Guru, Wing Whisperer)
  • Scouting (Head Scout, 4 Domestic Scouts, 2 Foreign Scouts)
  • Sports Medicine (Team Doctor, Strength Trainer, Stamina Trainer, Sports Psych, Sports Science, Physio, Sleep Doctor)

Now, these features haven't been confirmed yet but they were quite popular last year so we expect them to return in NBA 2K23 MyNBA.

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Pre Built Teams for MyGM

An interesting addition in NBA 2K22 was pre-build teams in MyGM that made customization easy for players that were new to the game.

This brought new challenges to players and provided them with uniforms complete with logos, uniforms, and arenas.

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HONOLULU BREEZE: We expect additional pre built teams in MyNBA

There were only three pre built teams last year but we expect a few more to be added in NBA 2K23 MyNBA.

Here are the teams from last year:

  • Bronx Brawlers
  • Honolulu Breeze
  • Omaha Airmen

Pre-built teams made it super easy to get into the game mode and it'd be smart for NBA 2K23 to incorporate something like this.

NBA 2K23 Franchise Mode specifics

Building your own franchise in NBA 2K23 MyNBA is something that a lot of players will hope for and we expect to see it revamped this year.

The specifics haven't been revealed but we also expect coaching to play a large part in MySTAFF and MyGM. All of these things provide more customization and realism.

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CONTROL THE COURT: Hire your head coach and the rest of your staff in MyGM

A full reveal of the new features in NBA 2K23 MyNBA is likely just around the corner, so keep an eye out as the content reveals continue.

We're almost to the release date for the game as well, so let's take a quick look at that.

NBA 2K23 Release Date

At this point we have under a month left to the release of NBA 2K23. With an official release date of September 8, 2022, this game is around the corner.

The good news is there is still time to pre order the game and grab all of the rewards available. Unfortunately, there isn't any Early Access.

The good news is that regardless of any edition of NBA 2K23 you'll receive the following rewards in addition to edition-specific bonuses:

  • 5,000 Virtual Currency & 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (delivered one a week)
  • A Boost for each MyCAREER Skill type
  • A Boost for each Gatorade Boost type

To check out all of the Editions of NBA 2K23 that are available, follow this link.

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