NBA 2K22 on PC is almost here

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NBA 2K22's release date on PC is only hours away! Meaning you only have a little time left to pre order the game and claim the rewards!

We also have loads of new information about expected player ratings, pre orders, prices and the official release times!

So, check out everything you need to know about what NBA 2K22 will have to offer on PC below.

UPDATED - Official Release Time only hours away!

Ready to hop on your PC and start hooping up your friends? Great news, the time is almost here for you to do it!

On the Microsoft Store there is an exact time for your time zone, showing when you'll be able to start playing the game. We've got the times listed here to help you out a little:

  • Eastern Time: Midnight on Friday, September 10, 2021
  • Central Time: 11 PM on Thursday, September 9, 2021
  • Pacific Time: 9 PM on Thursday, September 9, 2021
The Cancha Del Mar in NBA 2K22
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BALL OUT: Hit Deck 15 of the Cancha Del Mar and ball out with your friends

We've got tons of information along with more official release times for you, just follow this link and learn everything there is about the official release time.

Release Date on PC

The official release date for NBA 2K22 is just around the corner!

Lakers guard Dennis Schroeder handles the ball in NBA 2K22.
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A MATTER OF WEEKS: NBA 2K22 will drop in just a matter of weeks now

NBA 2K22 will be released on Friday, 10 September 2021 on all platforms, including PC.

It's only hours away at this point which means you'll only have a short amount of time to pre order and claim some rewards!

Price on PC

The NBA 2K22 prices have been revealed, so check them out below!

Bulls guard Zach Lavine bringing the ball up the court in NBA 2K22.
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SAME PRICE: NBA 2K22 will probably cost the same as it does every year

The NBA 2K22 Standard Edition on PC is priced at £64.99 / $69.99.

The 75th Anniversary Edition on PC is priced at £84.99 / $99.99 (this includes both the current gen and next gen versions).

NBA 2K22 Pre Order

Pre orders are AVAILABLE NOW from the official NBA 2K22 site itself right here!

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TAKE YOUR PICK - Luka Doncic plus three NBA legends share the Cover Athlete duties

Luka Donic of the Dallas Mavericks graces the cover of both the Standard Edition and Cross-Gen Digital Bundles.

The 75th Anniversary Edition on the other hand will see Dirk Nowitzki, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and current NBA star Kevin Durant on the cover.

Check out all the details on how you can Pre Order NBA 2K22 here.

Will the next gen NBA 2K titles be coming to PC?

The NBA 2K22 FAQ was asked this question, and here was the response:

This is something the team is passionate about and will continue to investigate what is possible for the franchise in the future. For now, the focus was on assuring NBA 2K22 was optimized for the new consoles (PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S), while also making sure the experience remains fresh and innovative for players on other platforms.

Current Gen Game Modes

Sadly, players probably won't see new next gen game modes like The City land on current gen platforms.

We do know that current gen game modes like Neighborhood have been updated and revamped with the new Cancha Del Mar. Climb aboard a cruise ship and explore all the decks to find rewards and side quests. You can play 2v2's 3v3's and 5v5's as well! Find out more here!

Since most people still don't have Xbox Series X|S and PS5, NBA 2K22 will likely have way more players on current gen, so there's no way they completely neglect upgrading the current gen experience.

NBA 2K22 Gameplay Trailer

Check out the gameplay trailer for NBA 2K22 before hoping on your PC this year. There are a ton of new updates coming to the game and you can see some of them below!

To learn more about the new gameplay features coming to NBA 2K22, head here to read our full review!

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